Have a Lovely Weekend!

Morning y'all! How pretty is that sun room from the October 1981 issue of House Beautiful. They Instagrammed a shot of this the other day and I was all, "yesss the 80s were soo good."  Love the chintz (Brunschwig & Fils Westbury Bouquet) and the blue and white.  They just went for it in the 80's.  And now I'm reminded that I need some glazed chintz somewhere up in here.

In other news, I'm at that point in pregnancy where I could conceivably have the baby tomorrow (doubtful) or in, like, a month (no, please, no).  It's amazing to me that it's still one of life's true surprises.  I'm thinking it will be sooner rather than later, but that could be wishful thinking.  Right now, Edward is watching Dumbo, the saddest movie ever, and talking about how the baby elephant wants to snuggle his mommy.  He's sort of obsessed with it.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with anxiety about sharing his own mommy.  No, certainly not.  It's so sweet and heartbreaking, but he'll be ok once the baby gets here.  For now, I'll just smother him with snuggles.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Enjoy some of these awesome links:

* This video gets top spot for mashing up my favorite song of the summer with my favorite childhood TV show.  It's so great and makes me so happy every time I watch it!

Bonefishing in the Bahamas  - looks like a pretty fun island excursion

DRUGSTORE FIND: I've been living in this peach lip gloss this summer
looks orange in the tube, but actually the perfect peach as long as you don't overdo it

Love this blue and white toile tray on One King's Lane

"In a couple of minutes on the steps of the Lindo Wing, Kate has done more for new mums’ self-esteem than any other role model." - for sure! 

10 points if you get the movie reference 

Please, Juan Pablo for next Bachelor (even Kip likes him) 
BEFORE & AFTER: Great curb appeal update
Great photos of royal babies  




  1. Well you didn't want to have your baby share the same birthday as baby George, did you? :):) I wish you blessings when it time . I still love that old Cosby show. xoxo,Susie

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cosby video! Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  3. Oh I am anxiously awaiting the new Jennifer!! Have A Restful Weekend!

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  4. Flattered to have made your list!!! Fingers crossed your baby comes sooner rather than later :-)

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    it is wow.

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