Have a Lovely Weekend!

* Blue and White Outdoor Loveliness via The Peak of Chic

{EERRRRPS! I started this post yesterday morning and obviously something shiny or yummy distracted me because I never returned to finish it! Soo sorry! Major pregnancy brain here.  I've been doing weird things like that a lot lately}

Morning y'all! Thank you so much for all of the feedback on the new bedroom look yesterday!  I particularly loved Julia of Pawley's Island Posh's idea to do white linen with charcoal trim on the pelmets.  I think that could definitely solve the problem of it being too washed out.  I'll keep you updated! 

Lots to do this weekend! While I miss Sea Island terribly, I'm happy to be home and ready to get things done as we enter the home stretch of this pregnancy.  I'm feeling every ounce of this pregnancy now, and while I've managed to stay in way better shape this time around (I went a little JSimps 1st pregnancy with Edward) thanks to my obsession with Bar Method, I'm soo ready to have my body back.  

My goal this weekend is to get out at least one bucket of Edward's old baby clothes and get them washed and ready for Little Robertson.  I'm so excited to revisit some of my old faves! 

Enjoy these linkies!! 

BEST NIGHT CREAM EVER:  BABOR - Skinovage PX Vita Balance Argan Nourishing Cream
I just replenished my supply and I'm so obsessed.  I see and feel a difference immediately! 

Get some of Jenny Andrews Anderson's awesome colorful prints at Furbish while they're still available

Pretty bedside vignette
My bedside table is about to double as a changing table, pics to come soon ;) 

Love when bloggers color crush BLUE & WHITE 

Hamptons Heaven via Mark D. Sikes

Adorable Southern Sweet Tea Bar idea  

Hilarious kid's drawing of road raging mom - oopstini!

More Blue and White Love

ICYMI: Tory Burch's Blue and White 4th of July Table is perfect

And more Blue and White

Lovely House Tour: {this is glamorous}

A pretty, soothing before and after dining room

Good Turquoise

Just a pretty gathering of pretty things - blue and white obvi


  1. Wonderful sun room images and the links as well!
    Jennifer I am so excited the closer and closer it gets to Baby Day!!
    Take good care!
    Artists Series 2013

  2. Thanks so much for linking to Mimosa Lane's Blue and White crush! I'm loving your blog!! And your sister's home in Bungalow is amazing! I have to ask...that photography in her living room is amazing...the horse and indian one where are they from?

  3. ooohh and nice to know you are in Dallas as well!


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