Have a Lovely Hot Summer Weekend!

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"That's a castle!" 
"It looks like Mommy" 
"It's beautiful swimming." 
                                   - Edward

I'm sorry, but I swoon for my little man.  He has me smitten.  And apparently, he's got a good eye :)  I have a feeling this kid is going to appreciate the finer things in life.  I better prepare him well. 

In other news, it's hot, but I'm not complaining.  Because a.) it was way hotter last summer, b.) I have air conditioning and c.) I have neither forgotten nor forgiven the May 2nd snowstorm that happened this year.

Have a lovely weekend and stay hydrated y'all!

I would happily cool off on this most fabulous of yachts 

Chinoiserie Melamine Dinnerware - yesssss

If you didn't get enough the other day: more of my future sister Lydia's, gorgeous house!

This product makes my hair Jennifer Aniston shiny

WISDOM: A great article on marriage

MORE WISDOM: Every 20-something needs to see this

This watercolor ikat crib sheet is soo cool
All the credit to Tobe for pointing it out

I had such a lovely back and forth with artist Christina Baker after I posted one of her pieces here, that I have to link to her web site again
Her work has shot to the top of my "Really, Really Want" List 

Love these neutral rooms

5 Simple Ways to Change a Bad Day

Along the same lines:
Make Your Life Better By Sending 5 Simple Emails

Before & After: This Coral Desk Makeover is awesome

This post makes me want to organize my pantry

Love Sugar Paper's Stylish Workspace

Beautiful Blue and Green

If I ever redo the carpet on my back kitchen stairs, I'm doing this.

Pretty Hair

Pretty Dress

Pretty Ring

 Finally, since this post was full of so many "advice-giving" links, I have to share perhaps the best bit of advice I came across this week: 

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  1. I LOVE all of your posts, but these are MY favorites!!!!!

    So many things to try, so many things to read.

    Edward is such a sweet little one.

  2. I looked at the photo of you and your son in your profile...no wonder you are in love with that child. I love how children express their thoughts. I used to write in a journal , all the cute things my g.kids would say. xoxo,Susie


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