Bed Rest

Morning y'all! No, I'm not on bed rest by any doctor's orders, although I did joke with my doctor that I'd be putting myself on bed rest after my trip.  Y'all, traveling just shy of 35 weeks is not pretty.  But it was worth it to relax in Sea Island with my family for a couple of days.  Watching Edward frolick in the waves and scream with delight was easily the best part of the trip. 

Also, shout out to my new reader friend Cannon! She came up to say hi the first day I was there and it made my day.  I figured if I ever ran into a reader it would be in Sea Island.  Folks that have been going there for years all share a special bond.  So thanks so much for introducing yourself!!

So I really am putting myself on a little more bed rest these next 5 weeks (omg).  Because a.) I'm freaking exhausted and b.) right before we left for our trip, we bought a new bed!  Hallelujiah!!! Y'all this is huge.  I didn't think we would be doing this for awhile, but it needed to happen. 

The bed we purchased is very similar to the Crate and Barrel Colette Bed

Then I found these Kate Spade Pillow Shams at Home Goods for what I now see was a major steal (they were only $45).  

They are the perfect shade of blush pink, which is really hard to find.   They became the jumping off point for everything else.  Of course, months of mood board agony and all I needed to do was go shopping. 

I moved the Schumacher Cheonceau lumbar pillow up to my bed as well, which many of y'all saw on Instagram and Facebook. 

Finally, I ordered the Pearl Embroidered Duvet and Pillow Shams from Pottery Barn in gray to complete the bed. 

We also bought a new mattress, which I'm probably the most excited for.  I'm a side sleeper so firm mattresses are no bueno for me.  I need something to cradle my curves if you will.  Kip is a "second his head hits the pillow" sleeper so the salesman told us his opinion mattered less in the mattress department, but for the record, he liked the pillow-top as well. 

We still need a few more things to complete this room:

* Curtains - they will probably have to be custom-made, although simple (anyone in KC know a good person for this??)

* Bedside Tables - oy vey, it's hard to find pretty and functional side tables. 

* New Carpet - I want a sisal look, but softer (I may check out this carpet from Martha Stewart)

* Chaise - not high on the priority list, but something I would like to put in front of our bay window eventually. 

Hopefully, I'll have something to show you later this week!


  1. Welcome back!! Don't you love a huge bed? I remember when we switched out our Queen for a King. I was in heaven!

  2. I LOVE THE BED!!!! I am so excited to see it all come together and it looks like cloud. It looks scrumptious. Perfect place to nest for the next few weeks!

  3. I am getting in touch with a seamstress who I understand does slipcovers reasonably (which I've been looking for forever) I will let you know if she does curtains Jennifer! Let me know if you ever need anything as I am close by!

    2013 Artists Series-Kerry Steele

  4. Love that bed!!! Jealous! SO great meeting you!!

  5. What a beautiful bed and I love the the pillows and duvet cover...can't wait to see it all come together!!

  6. Welcome back, I bet you are well rested and certainly deserved it! Love the bed...classic!

  7. I would love to hear about the mattress you selected. We are in the same boat as you (I'm a side sleeper and hubby is out ASAP) and looking to go from a queen to a king. If you'd be a dear and shoot me a message is be ever so greatful.

    And of course, so glad to hear you had a restful vacation.

  8. That is one beautiful bedroom. I love the shades you have selected especially the blue pearl bordered spread. I am planning to redecorate my bedroom with the new mattress, the queen size hand crafted mattress. Also repainted the walls with white and the floor with salmon berry and white dove colors. I have ordered the pink tangerine and pink palette sheets with a bit of white color in borders. What you all think about my new bed room? Looking forward for a reply from you all.


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