Bed Rest, Pt 2

Yesterday, I Instagrammed a sneak peek of my new bed all made (but not ironed like the pros do 'cause, you know, I'm hugely pregnant).  I have to say, I finally love it.  And although I'm hot and have to do a four-point turn when I roll over, I'm finally happy in my cozy little nest.  

You can see from this tiny little glimpse that this room is far from complete so don't judge. But I want to keep it real here because I know so many of us don't get a fun "install" when we decide to redecorate.  Also, if I wait until it's "done" it will be 2017. 

We desperately need bedside tables.  I'm thinking of doing a desk on my side and a dresser on the other side.  We use all of our bedside table space.  I hid the night creme, lip balm, kindle, phone charger, two water glasses and ponytail holders that usually adorn my bedside. We also need curtains because in the Fall and Winter the morning sun shines right on my pillow (real nice). 

I'm also going to recover the pelmet boxes and hopefully salvage that tassel trim. I'm sort of struggling with what to do here.  My gut says go with something simple like a white linen, but I'm afraid the room will look too washed out.  The room is much more cream than yellow as it looks in this picture. That being said, I'm also afraid to commit to a pattern that I might get sick of.  Any suggestions?

I liked the fabric the previous owners left us and tried to make it work, but it doesn't quite fit in with the theme I have going for this room.  That theme being: "Magic Hour at the Beach Where Tanned WASP-y Families Take Pictures Dressed In All White And Look Generally Perfect" You know what I'm talkin' about?

This time of day at the beach.

* Yes, that's Edward's first time putting his toes in the sand.  It almost hurts my heart to see this, except that he's just as cute and even more fun now.  

So that's my incomplete, but more complete than ever, bedroom for y'all! I'm in full-out crazy pregnant lady nesting mode.  I spend a lot of that energy playing dinosaurs, chase, let's not jump on mommy and soothing ridiculous tantrums (the other day, Edward freaked out because he couldn't "eat a banana in a tree like a monkey").  But Little Robertson's going to be here soon and then I'll be in crazy new mom snuggle mode so I need to get this stuff done.  Off to nest!

Have a great day!


  1. pretty pretty. i want to decorate my room, too!!! also familiar with the 4 point turn. getting old. let's have these babies! ox

  2. I'm so obsessed with the updates in your room. Do the pelmet boxes in white linen like your hubs wants and then do an outline or trim in the dark charcoal from the pillow in the bed. Super classic and neutral but still fresh.

  3. Hi Jen! I won't judge(((: but have to praise your colours... Love the pinkish red on curtains and chair and pillows... I have a bit of that Colour through out the house ... But your bedding and colours are fantastic. Similarly in our bedroom with these tones but my walls are soft gray because i am a maniac when it comes to grays!! Great job! Ps love the baby pics and feel like my boy growing up too fast!!
    Hugs z

  4. Love the room so far.:):) I think you should pick what you really like and go with it. Oh those sweet little toes in the sand.xoxo,Susie

  5. So pretty! Love how fresh it is....your bed is SOOO important, better get it right until you love it! For the windows, maybe a solid with a really fabulous trim to jazz it up a bit or a very subtle pattern that you won't get tired of? Just a have great taste so I am sure you will figure out something fabulous!

  6. WOW! The room looks great. The little bitty baby tongue...aww, there are no words!!!!!

  7. Love this Jen! It makes me want to go to sleep. You will really enjoy your midday naps with the little one in here

  8. Love this Jen! It makes me want to go to sleep. You will really enjoy your midday naps with the little one in here

  9. Same dilemma for me in my bedroom. Had three quarter shutter put up.....would worry about what to do years later I have just ordered the other top of the shutters. If I could I would never have a window covering, it's something from childhood (will not bore you with details. The light and sun have been horrible because the neighbors cut down a tree. I should make them pay for the shutters :) I don't have privacy issue so I can open them when the seasons and sun change. I don't care for the little top hats on shutters, and I saw the 3/4, 1/4 top in a beautiful country home. Good Luck

  10. loving your bedding and the colors - blush and charcoal are perfection!


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