Moodboard Monday: More Bedroom Options (because I'm pregnant/insane)

Alright y'all, I'm thisclose to hiring someone to do my bedroom for me.  Actually, I know what my problem is, I like fancy things.  The bedrooms I regularly pin belong to like old French princesses and Ladies and such.  I also like to change my mind about 1 million times.  Combine those super high-maintenance tendencies with the whole "negotiating with your husband" bit and I find myself overwhelmed with indecision.  Oh and pregnancy brain is killing my creative skillz. 

But ultimately I want to love my bedroom.  I want it to be a sanctuary and a place to rest my mind. Soo I decided to go back to basics and make it simple and easy to change 10 years down the line. 

Here are two variations I came up with:

Blue & White

Pale Blush

The first one centers around this Aerin Lauder for Lee Jofa fabric that I would need to somehow get my hands on.  

The second one centers around one of Mary Mcdonald's blush prints that I've long admired.  I like this one because I can get my pink room without painting the walls, which would make Kip happy. 

* Mary, if you're out there reading, a.) I love you and think you're really pretty and b.) can you call up Andy Cohen and pitch redoing this bedroom for Bravo?  I'm sure they'd be happy to pay for it and I promise to give good TV.  I'll even pretend to send you an Edible Arrangement as a thank you gift. 

I have no dignity. 

Thoughts? (on the mood boards, not my dignity)


  1. What about combining the two? I love blue & white pottery with pink accents. Sorry, sorry I know that additional options are not what you need right now!


  2. Love the direction you are going in....if you want to incorporate your beloved blue and white, I like option one and tying in the blue on the monogrammed bedding, if you want it softer and more tone on tone then go with number two.
    What I do is start with 2 or 3 elements that I love more than life itself, the ones that are totally non negotiable then build from there. You might find it happens quite effortlessly if you do it that way. Love the window treatments!

  3. I think you are headed in the right direction...and I like Option one the best, I think-especially with your blue and white. I know you can mix pink and blue but my mind always goes back to the mauve and country blue of the 80's-which is probably a good thing if you don't remember it- lol xo Diana

  4. I really love Tina's words of wisdom!

    Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

  5. Option two is my absolute dream bedroom!!! That's pretty much exactly what our master bedroom is going to look like. :)

    The Glam Pad


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