Moodboard Monday: More Bedroom Madness

Morning y'all! I played around more with my bedroom inspiration.  Again, I don't know why I'm bothering because we probably won't get to our bedroom for awhile.  It's hard to focus on a room no one really goes in when you have other spaces that get used by everyone that need attention.  But, my mom used to call me The Princess and The Pea and lately the giant bump I'm sporting has left me tossing and turning with the grace of a beached whale so our bedroom is on my mind regularly.  (Longtime readers:  remember how after I had Edward I obsessively posted pictures of beds I would sleep in?  It might happen again)

Anyway, I've been dreaming of an all-white soothing bedroom as you know from here

That was my latest idea, but I worry it won't translate well in such a large room.  It may look really plain. 

Then I saw this room:

And I was like, "oooh I like that too!"  I mean who wouldn't want to sleep in a sea of Porthault?

So I spent the weekend trying to recreate it with a.) my budget and b.) my need for white sheets and a neutral space. 

Here are two boards I came up with:

This one uses Biscuit's Porthault-inspired Fiona bedding and the China Seas-ish Amber Euro Sham

Amber Euro Sham

Fiona Bedding in Lilac

Here's another version using just the Fiona bedding and some monogrammed shams:

I'm kind of leaning toward the second one because I can easily switch things out when I get tired of the springy floral look.  You'll notice I included a pretty armoire for all of the linens I will be hoarding. 

So that's what I did all weekend ;) Kip will be happy to see I ditched the emerald green tufted headboard I originally considered.  It would be fun with this bedding, but I know I would ultimately get tired of it and fall back on my favorite greenishbluishgrayish color. 


  1. I love the second with the monogrammed pillows!!!

  2. I am a big fan of blue green armoire and Colour and love floral prints. What I would change is the blue and white lamps and side table you got there... They don't seem to flow with those particular prints but you can always pick another print for our lamps.... Love the first bedroom in white idea... Too((:
    Hugs z


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