Houses In Which I Could Live, Part 2

Morning y'all! So this little (ahem) escape comes to us once again from New York.  I don't know why I'm picking second dream homes in New York, but I am, and as the great googly-eyed philosopher Ramona (RHONY) always says, "it is what it is."  

This waterfront home on Kirby Pond in Rye, NY is on the market for $16 million - so totally doable.  I just need to cut my grocery bill down, sell Edward and become a private dancer. 

Yes, I could be happy here.


  1. I could be forced to endure some years there too. :)

  2. I am in love. Positively perfect. I'll tell the Mister we wouldn't have to change anything! Ramoner always has such deep insight. Hope you're feeling well.

  3. Oh Yeah- Jennifer- You are too young to remember the old Peter, Paul and Mary song that goes-"My bags are packed and ready to go" I could live here, to- xo Diana

  4. Saw it and fell in love...gorgeous. Whats not to love its pretty much perfect! This is fun....keep em coming.

  5. so basically, you want to live inside Veranda magazine? LOL :) who doesnt?

  6. Love your blog! I am your new follower!
    Vesna from HOME CHIC CLUB


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