Houses In Which I Could Live, Part 1

I'm not sure how many parts there will be to this series.  It could go on all week.  With piles of clothes, papers, dinosaurs, sand (curious) and what-nots all over my house and Edward operating at a 10+ in both voice-volume and energy level, exhaustion is overcoming my nesting instinct.  I'm feeling the urge to bolt and go somewhere clean and retreat-like. 

So today I'm starting big. 

Sometimes I say silly things like, "oh I would never want a house that big."  But what I really mean is, "I would never want a house that big unless it was fully staffed." 

This house has 9 bedrooms, 10 baths and sits on a little over 5 acres in Sagaponack, NY.  And while I'm looking for a getaway, I don't really love being by myself so I'd like to bring everyone and their dog (especially their dog) with me. 

Head over to Sotheby's to buy this dream house for me, if you feel it in your hearts :) 


  1. WOW! What a grand house indeed and to boot in slouchy only one of the most expensive codes in the country....hey if you are going to think big, think B I G!!!!!!! Love it, its so grand and huge and formal inside it was a bit of a surprise, but its a WOW for me!

  2. I am a big fan. I am dreaming of my future 800 square feet of freedom!!!! Beautiful!

  3. Rosy and I would go there with you any day!


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