Have a Lovely Summer Weekend!


Yeah!! Summer is officially here!!! I love Summer, and despite my hugely pregnant state, I love the summer heat.  People keep warning me how miserable I'm going to be, but really y'all, I'm from Texas, I can handle the heat.  Seeing temperatures approaching 90 makes me want to get outside.  I know, I'm crazy. Of course, the air conditioning is on full blast in the house.  I love a good respite from the heat as well ;)

Edward has been rocking the pool with his dinosaurs and Ray-bans.  I'm really cherishing this time with him before Little Robertson arrives.  The other day the ukelele version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" came on while Edward was frolicking in the pool.  Thank God I had my sunglasses on because I was literally choking back tears.  It was a perfect summer moment that I wanted to bottle up and keep forever.  Imagine that? An over-emotional pregnant lady! But really, life is just so simple and good right now.  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

THIS FAMILY ROBERTSON: Our Summer in Pictures 

the poem made me cry

Major Chic for Cheap with this summer cocktail table

"North West" if you haven't heard
No, I'm not kidding

I'm loving our backyard right now that all of the hydrangeas are blooming!


  1. Just love your little man's sunnies! And your garden is simply lovely!!!

  2. Well first off little Edward looks way too cool with his sporty sunglasses....so cute and growing up sooo fast! I also love summer but NOT the humidity!
    Secondly...thanks for including my party post in your lineup. So happy you enjoyed it....glad I could share it as my poor feet are still paying the price:) Hope you feel great and have a super relaxing summer weekend!

  3. Hi Jen! your backyard looks just luscious and really well grown and designed, so rich and beautiful...Enjoy(: Edward on the otherhand, very strong and cool looking right? Little boys are so fun, i feel so grateful to have mine(:
    have a great summer! I hope we can stop having floods and enjoy better weather at least...hugs Z

  4. Jennifer you little guy is so very cute; be sure YOU stay well hydrated!

    Your backyard looks so lush, a haven really!

    Art by Karena
    NOVICA Giveaway!

  5. Your yard is gorgeous! I lived in the water during the hot NC Summers during my pregnancies. Enjoy!

  6. What a sweet picture. You always provide such good links to other great stories.


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