Blue & White in Adore Home

Morning y'all! Well, pregnancy has officially fried my brain.  I lack focus and drive and any modicum of creativity so today's post is like a nice little palette cleanser for me. This spread featured in Adore Home Magazine is just what I need today - simple, refreshing and perfectly edited to keep me from feeling overwhelmed. 

I love the look of the big leaves in the ginger jar and that kitchen just looks so clean!

You can read more of Adore Home Magazine online here

I will be back with more Houses in Which I Could Live tomorrow.  I think yesterday's Caribbean estate was my favorite so far.  This is going to become a very regular feature for the summer because, well, it's summer, I'm hot and round, and I have very limited blood flow to the brain.  Hope you don't mind!


  1. Jennifer I love these light, bright images! Perfection!

    Art by Karena

  2. Love fresh and crisp and happy. Love that rug...very fun and current!

  3. I think pregnancy really should be renamed brain fryer. All of your focus and determination will eventually find its way back to you. I love this layout you have picked out. It is neat and clean and still looks great.

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