Yolanda Foster's Fridge

Morning y'all! We have a little problem with Edward in our house.  Somehow he's gotten it in his sweet little two year-old brain that he can have a "chocolate treat" for breakfast (it has never happened so I don't know why he thinks it's an option). There is usually a tantrum, followed by timeout.  And it's not just limited to breakfast.  The other night I placed dinner in front of him and he cried, "Oh no! I'm sad! I need marshmallows!" It's so bad. 

I bet Moses and Apple Martin don't give Gwyneth that kind of attitude.

* image from my heavily tabbed copy of It's All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great

So yesterday I received my first delivery of organic foodstuffs as I attempt to get our family eating a little healthier and cut down on my daily trips to the grocery store (seriously, it's absurd).  For those in the Kansas City area, I'm going through KC Door to Door Organics and so far I'm pretty pleased with the goods. (The small box of mixed fruits and vegetables will be more than enough for our family).

Seeing my "Shelf O' Health" right in front of me reminded me of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Yolanda Foster's fabulous glass and marble refrigerator. Although as my friend pointed out on Instagram, Yolanda would not approve of my purple Tupperware.  It's soo Real Housewives of New Jersey/Atlanta/OC.

It's just really beautiful, no? Miss Yolanda designed it herself.  Notice she has some soft drinks in there too! I'm sure she never drinks them, but it makes her seem less smug. I like that.

So basically, this summer I'm going to try to be more like Gwyneth and Yolanda.  I mean, I still love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - ironically, Edward doesn't. And I can never give up my coffee creamer, but I think my "Shelf O' Health" is at least a good start. Plus it is soo pleasing to look at when I open the refrigerator. 

You can see more of Yolanda's amazing home here (seriously, check it out, it's gorgeous)

You can follow Yolanda's Fridge on twitter here - ha! :)


  1. That refrigerator is gorgeous! I may need to order Goop's cookbook. I've heard great things about it.

  2. I'm inspired by Yolanda's refrigerator! That's some kitchen love.....I've also heard some really positive things about Gwynn's recipes too.


  3. I am happy for you to start healthy lifestyle, I have never done it any differently so it is the best way for me ... Too. Hope you will enjoy it(: and it is amazing that your boy dislikes the horrid Kraft macaroni! He is smart. Little choco for breakfast is good for him...and if u want a good macaroni recipe with real cheese I have one((: may make a post on it...loving miss Y fridge and may need to get some baskets for storing too... Very appealing! Thanks for the look inspiration... Xox z

  4. Yes Yolandas house is amazing, but I can stomach her in small doses. VERY small doses, she is so full of herself, she invented the refrigerator and just about everything else she touches, right? LOL.....but it IS inspirational gotta admit!

    We are huge fruit and vege lovers, stop in at my local fruit market daily, enjoy your healthy shelf.

  5. I have Gwyneth Paltrow's book and LOVE it. In fact, I am eating her avocado toast for breakfast this morning as I do most mornings, I also add a little Kale and a slice of organic cheese on top. My other new favorite cookbook is THE YUMMY MUMMY KITCHEN which also has wonderful healthy, family -friendly meals. If I had a healthy shelf in my fridge, it wouldn't stay very picture perfect!

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