Tuesday Pretties

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Just some pretties for y'all this Tuesday.  We had a lovely relaxing almost boring Memorial Day Weekend.  It was nice to have nothing on the agenda for once.  I'm getting to that point in my pregnancy were I sort of waddle and stare at skinny people like a total creepster, and yet have to have a sweet treat after dinner. Oy 3rd trimester woes.  But I can't complain because I'm healthy and the baby's healthy, and in a couple of months, I'll get to see his cute smushy face! I hope y'all have a lovely day! So glad summer is finally here! 


  1. Jennifer I am sure the wait is more and more difficult...it will happen before you know it though!

    Beautifully restful images!

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    Art by Karena

  2. Wow 3rd trimester already? Exciting stuff!! You are almost there...hang tight, enjoy eating all the sweets your little heart desires guilt free and know that soon you will be the proud mother of two daring cherubs:)

  3. I'm loving your Tuesday pretties!! :)

    The Glam Pad

  4. Oh I love that first photo. I want to jump in the picture and relax! Cool breeze and a cold drink!

  5. I remember those 3rd trimester days all too well! Enjoy them now! They will be almost forgotten before you know it! Enjoy summer as well! I'm glad it's here as well! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


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