Things I Like: Summahtiiiime ...

This was going to be a Moodboard Monday post, but it didn't look very pretty so now it's just a Things I Like post.  Ok y'all, let's get into my head for just a minute.  I realize I'm about as far from the LBC as one can get, but when I think of Summer, the first thing that pops into my head is The Dove Shack - Summertime in the LBC.

Maybe it's because it reminds me of college when I did summer like a pro - think baby oil and  iodine, rum and slurpees, magazines and Funions.  Now that I'm a grownup those days are long gone.  I'm not sad because I was also really self-involved, poor and a few lbs heavier (see above diet).  Now I'm more into summer decor, non-alcoholic slurpees, keeping Edward from drowning or running into the street, and finding flattering swim-suits for my growing belly.

Ok so here are a few things that I like for summer:
(This is totally random so just bear with me)

Kelly Wearstler's boxwoods in white planters 

Lonny - May 2013

 Tasseled Tent Action & Geraniums

House and Garden circa 1939 (!) via The Paris Apartment

This indignant looking pelican - reminds me of Edward.

This Target swimsuit covers my belly even though it's not maternity (I actually think buying regular non-maternity swimwear is the key to finding cute prego swimwear).  It's super flattering and keeps me more contained than a maternity suit would, especially since I'm feeling more Kim Kardashian-pregnant than Kate Middleton-pregnant lately. 

This striped beach towel from Anthropologie - I mean, love.

This ikat pillow (and it's lover) needs to come live with me for the summer.

 I even revised my bedroom moodboard to accommodate him:

See there was a moodboard after all!

Alrighty, that's all I have for today.  Try to have a good Monday!!



  1. I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT COLLEGE SUMMERTIME! So indulgent and I am sadly living my last one this summer and it is giving me all sorts of anxiety as an almost 32 year old lady need not sit in the sun reading InStyle as I did yesterday....

    I love the summer inspired products and you are SO KATE AND NOT KIM! Also, check out Lands End of some great flattering one piece suits that will take you from pregnancy to not pregnancy. Sissy swears by them and they are no longer total old lady. Also, they have a warranty on their stuff, so if anything goes wrong, they will replace!

  2. I totally see the resemblance between edward and the pelican. LOVE the moodboard!!

  3. Love the pillows and mood board and am crazy for boxwoods. My fave! I have such good memories of being younger during the summer, baby oil, refried bean dip (with an entire bag of doritos and I still never went over 105 I wish that were the case now)! Funions, and slurpees....loved them both and always drank my slurpess with a Red Vines piece of licorice as my straw...boy I have come a long way, now that sounds so gross, lol! Oh more mature sophisticated adult self is totally loving all your "grown up" choices above!

  4. Hi Jennifer I adore your new swimsuit, I am thinking of a Target one as well..about half of any others!

    Art by Karena


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