Mother's Day Gift Guide 2013

Fact: It's almost impossible for moms to get pictures with their young children

He's about to throw something at me

But then he recovers and gives in

Morning y'all! I've become a big fan of Mother's Day.  It might be because my birthday is in October, but, really, it's kind of becoming more important than my birthday.  I didn't really have to do anything to be born, but being a mom is quite the endeavor.  I try to make a point to spend it with my mom and just enjoy the beginning of Summer, but I also like presents.  This year, I got my gift a little early.  I thought Kip's idea to make a coffee bar for me 10 steps away from my bed was pretty cute and thoughtful, especially because he doesn't drink coffee. 

Here are some other things I would like (don't worry Kip, you're off the hook).  I know most of my readers are moms too, so my advice would be to just forward this on to your husbands, kids, partners, etc...

A french blue bike (I'm not a big biker, but I would love to tootle around the neighborhood on this)

Yes, I know every blogging mama and her dog wants a diptyque candle so it's nothing new, but I just really love the packaging.   I could decorate my entire master bedroom around this one candle.

I also love that they can be used as little bud vases a la Grant K. Gibson after you finish burning them.

This Juliska Delft-Blue "Country Estate" Dinnerware is so gorgeous and perfect.  You can use it for fancy or for everyday.  I'd opt for everyday because why not?

I now own this new Blue Willow iPhone case from The Pink Pagoda.  I love it as much as my old one.  They are also surprisingly sturdy.  Mine actually survived a couple of hours in the middle of an intersection down the street from my house and I pretty much drop it daily. 

Ok y'all, it's hard to see in this tiny image, but these PJ Harlow Jolie Satin Pants are the perfect pajama pants.  I say this as someone who only wears cotton pajamas.   My sister bought me some a few years ago for Christmas and they are soo comfortable.  In fact, I'm wearing them right now.

I also have these Ashley Pittman Kama Light Horn Bangles and I wear them all of the time.  Ashley happens to be one of my good friends and an inspiration.  Not only does her jewelry help support jobs in East Africa, but 10% of her profits help support a health center and school in rural Kenya.  She's doing good things y'all and making pretty awesome jewelry as well. 

How about this gorgeous blue and white over sized display bowl with some pretty plants in it? Yes.

 I love me some Hadley Pottery and these 12 oz flare mugs come in tons of different patterns. 

Finally, I don't think I can ever have too many Tervis tumblers.  Right now I sneak one or two into my suitcase when I leave my parent's house, but someday I'd love a set of my own (with my monogram so no one can steal them from me).  I like the really big ones like these 24 oz personalized Tervis tumblers.

So that's it for my (now last-minute) Mother's Day gift ideas.  What do y'all want this Mother's Day?

* Lest you think I'm totally in it for the goodies, I actually decided, after my first Mother's Day wasn't quite the parade I expected, that I needed to take a moment to be grateful for the privilege of being a mom.  So in addition to requesting items I've been needing/wanting anyway, I write a letter to my child (this year children!) about how much I love being their Mother.   The whole gratitude thing really does shift something inside of you, and I'm 100% certain makes you happier. 


  1. Hi Jennifer! These photos of you and Edward are precious! Thank you for featuring my cell case (and for purchasing ANOTHER)! I appreciate it very much! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Hi Jennifer, Darling photos and I like your list! Aren't those phone cases great from Pink Pagoda? .. and always love Tina's blue and white pieces. Enjoy the time with your family on Sunday! Happy Mother's Day:)

  3. What cute pictures. Reminds me of my son when he was 2, same haricut. I love all your mothers day suggestions, the china, the monograms, the big bowl and that bike are great gift ideas. Happy Mother's day.

  4. Love the photos, Jennifer! Love those bangles too! I will go on her website. Cute mugs too!

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    I loved the photos of Edward and you. So precious! Edward is an adorable little boy. Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Wonderful suggestions too.

  6. DARLING PIX!!!! Oh I loved them. Felt like I really got to see the match between your bubbly personality and your sweet face! Beautiful. :)

    1. Aw thanks Melissa!! I realized I never have pictures of me on the blog, but it's only because my husband takes one picture and I'm usually making a ridiculous face. ;)

  7. I love these photos! You are a gorgeous pair! The gifts are all wonderful, but my favorite part of the entire post was about gratitude and writing letters to your baby and baby to be. Made me tear up. You are a great Mommy!!!!


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