Moodboard Monday: White Master Bedroom

Morning y'all!

This weekend I got my Mother's Day present early.  This long (91") bleached wood console or buffet table (not sure) from my favorite antique shop.  Kip's idea was to make it a coffee bar for our sitting room, so I don't have to go all the way downstairs to get my coffee.  Yes, it sounds lazy, but I came up with this idea in the throes of nursing Edward every three hours round the clock for seven months straight.  My sanity was questionable at that point.  Obviously, my ideas were not however. 

Here 'tis!

It arrives today!  I decided when I saw it that it needed to be in our bedroom rather than our sitting room.  And then, much to Kip's dismay,  that I needed to redo our entire bedroom.   Actually, it's never been really "done" in the first place.   I've struggled with our bedroom since we were in the last house.  The problem being that I've had a vision of what I want for the space, but I've been trying to make things work that didn't go along with my vision.  Things that were great and seemed silly not to work with, but that weren't right nonetheless.  So when I saw this piece, everything clicked and I feel like I can really do something I love now.

Here's my moodboard: 

This is just sort of for inspiration and reference.  I won't be able to do it all right away, but I'm excited to make our bedroom a relaxing, restful spot away from the craziness of life and two little boys (!).  Also, we have a lot of windows with green trees peeking through them so the white will really highlight that.  Lord knows I need some more green freshness in my space after this never-ending Winter. 

Also, I've been in love with this Jacquard Leaf bedding from West Elm since I saw it online earlier. 

I know, kind of random for me, but I think the small print will bring another layer to the room without adding too much color.  I need to see it in person first, but it's one of those random things I keep going back to. 

Basically, I want lots of white and texture with touches of black, gold, and, of course, blue and white. 

I'll go into more as I start to pull it together, but it feels nice to have a direction finally!


  1. I love the new addition! It's funny how one change can make you want to redo an entire room! That happens to me too....

  2. Gorgeous mothers day gift..well deserved! I love the mood board, its soft serene, elegant and inviting....all perfect for a beautiful master bedroom. Hope you are feeling well!

  3. Jennifer, I adore your new sideboard and the mood-board you created is wonderful. We shall have to get together soon!

    Art by Karena

  4. Your new console is beautiful! I cannot wait to see what you do with your master bedroom!!

    The Glam Pad

  5. I love the new room!!!! Heavenly. I also need a coffee bar (and a bakery) in my future master bedroom. Please help me decorate one day.

  6. What a gorgeous when I get gifts like this...have a happy Mothers Day

  7. omg i want that headboard and side tables


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