Have a Lovely, Lovely Mother's Day Weekend!

I posted this picture in last year's Mother's Day post, which was fun to go back and read.  Little did I know at this time last year, that we would find our dream house later that day.  My husband's aunt called me and told me to drive by a house in our neighborhood that was for sale that she knew I would love.  So I drove by after picking my mom up from the airport and almost wrecked my car.  Yes, it was this house from a post I did in February 2011!  What are the odds that the only house in my neighborhood that I've ever stalked and posted about would end up being mine.  I still pinch myself sometimes.  We have neighbors come up to us all of the time and say, "we love your house" and I always say, "Thank you! I do too!" It's very surreal.  Life is good and amazing sometimes.

Anyway, I love this picture of Harry and Princess Diana.  It's heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.  I thought it was perfect for today since I'm about to have a "Harry" of my own.  (no, we're not naming him Harry, although I love the name and it was a consideration until we realized we would have two boys named after two of the biggest trilogy characters in movie history, Edward Cullen and Harry Potter).  I've always loved Princess Diana, but I feel like I identify with her so much more now that I'm about to have two boys.  Any excuse to identify with a princess, right?

Happy Mother's Day Y'all!

This impulse purchase may have happened at Target yesterday to feed my slushy craving

MOTHER'S DAY GIFT IDEA: This hilarious jar, especially for Mom's of toddlers 

This Target Dress $29.99 
It's so cute although it didn't look great on my bump, but I may have just needed a smaller size (yeah!) - I will go back and try it on when I don't have a 2-year-old screaming "Mommy's Boobies!" really loud in the dressing room

THIS FAMILY ROBERTSON: Edward and his Toys (don't judge please)


  1. Look forward to going through all your posts...always fun to check them out. I was a huge huge fan of Diana, what a class act all the way, miss her! Hope you have a really fabulous Mothers day! You have double the reason to celebrate this year:)

  2. Oh, your home is soooo beautiful!!! Wow!! I too love black and white awnings... I must incorporate some in our new home. Thank you for including my post in your Friday Linkies... Have a great weekend, and Happy Mother's Day!

    The Glam Pad

  3. Happy mother's day to you too! Love the photo, gives me happy goosebumps, it is increadible feeling to be a mom.
    Your house story reminds me of mine(: we bought our house within 2 days of it on the market...also in 2011! Also my dream street and possibly house...after I had changed a ton of things inside and out((:

    have a great weekend, ciao Z

  4. Happy Mothers Day Dear Friend!!
    Lovely story! Wonderful image..so profound!

    Art by Karena


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