Have a Fabulous Weekend!

* images via Collins Interiors, parent firm to Dallas' fabulous Blue Print store

Puppies on a doorstep!  Genius move.  I came across this picture when I was playing around on the interwebs browsing blogs and designers (specifically the Blue Print blog and then Collins Interiors).  There is nothing cuter than puppies' warm little roly poly bodies clumsily running about.  It's the perfect image to brighten my morning, which started at 5:00 am thanks to a torrential rainstorm and the discomforts of the 3rd trimester.  I'm pretty sure my little guy is stretched out sideways across my body.  I don't remember being so aware of the baby's position when I was pregnant with Edward. So I will be spending the weekend in a pool, experiencing the joys of weightlessness.  I love being pregnant in the summer for that reason.

I also hope to get some things organized and get a little nesting in.  I can feel the "crazy pregnant lady" coming out.  I'm not a great organizer nor do I find any joy in cleaning, but something happened as I neared the end of my first pregnancy that freaked out everyone.  I turned into the incredible hulk of cleaning and decluttering and nothing was safe.  I can feel it happening again with the same laser-like focus I had before, and it's glorious.  Anyway, I hope y'all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

Enjoy these links!

I mean y'all, I organized our playroom yesterday - something I've never done before

I want to see more of this beach house

Phoebe Howard's Top Ten Desks

12 Fab Outdoor Chairs (hopefully better quality than the RH above)

I'm not gonna lie, I'm glad skinny b-word Betty is back

and it's only $30!!

I bought these pink trunks for Edward 



  1. Those puppies are darling! We have a golden retriever and I miss those cute rollie-pollie days!

  2. Love these links!! Wow, that blue print beach house! I love blue print, and I didn’t realize they had a blog… I just subscribed!! Thanks for featuring my blue and white beach house post… isn’t it dreamy?

    The Glam Pad

  3. Jennifer I can't believe how cute these puppies are!! Thanks for the great links.
    Enjoy the weekend!

    Art by Karena

  4. Those puppies are so cute. What a beautiful entrance too, hope you have a nice weekend.


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