Blue & White: Southampton Guesthouse

Did y'all see this Southampton Guesthouse belonging to interior designer (and fellow blue and white lovah) Kelli Ford in this month's Veranda?

First of all, a retreat from your vacation home is genius, especially when you have kids.  Like, "Bye y'all! I'll just be over in the guest house across the street listening to silence.  Don't try to find me." Genius.

Second, imagine you get to that point in your life where you're like, "hey, I'm ready for another vacation home" and you walk in to find the walls covered floor-to-ceiling in blue and white delft tile (expertly placed there by other blue and white lovah and previous owner Carolyne Roehm).

At that point, I would probably cry, and then gather up all of the over-sized ginger jars I can find and be like, "YOLO fools!"  I know that design team Kirsten Kelli probably did that when they were decorating this house.  They love blue and white like I do. 

Here's more:


 I mean, really? I'm sure I would never leave.

P.S. Kelli Ford owns Madison, one of my favorite shops in Highland Park Village (Dallas) - lots of blue and white and pretties, including this amazing picnic basket (Instagrammed by highlandparkvillage)

Just another Mother's Day gift idea!

Have a lovely day!!


  1. STUNNING! Lucky lady...I am like you think I would have a hard time leaving and that second home would become my principle home! Just beautiful.....Happy Mothers Day!

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    1. (O typo - had to remove!) So again - I did not see this - have so many Veranda's stored on my Zinio but no time to read yet - 3 young children - so YES! What a great idea - a vacation from the vacation home! :-)


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