What's Happenin' Hot Stuff?

No one is saying that to me right now, except Kip because he's nice.  We just got over the stomach flu at our house and let me tell you, we were a sight for sore eyes.  But I will spare you the selfies of me in my OOTLTD ("outfit of the last three days"), and instead share with you a little bit of what's happenin' on the home front. Those of you who follow me on Instagram might recognize the first two, but hang in there, I threw in some extra iPhone pics from this morning (I know, I need to start using my big girl camera again).

I received the first of my two impulse Etsy pillow purchases from a couple of weeks ago, the charcoal and white linen Kelly Wearstler print you see below.  I had the white pottery barn pillows, well, I had one.  I may have spilled red wine on the other one (way before I got pregs y'all).

This was the pillow situation before:

and I pretty much hated it.  It's amazing what a little pillow switcheroo can do for your mental stability.

Let's look at the new pillow situation again because it's so much better.

Ahh I know.  My other impulse Etsy purchase will hopefully ship this week!

In other impulse purchase news, my prints arrived from GalleryDirect.com.  You may remember I was going to use this Great Blue Heron Print and this Cranes print in Little Robertson's Nursery.   They didn't really work in the space, but I had no trouble finding other spaces for them.  The Cranes print needs a little more with it before I show you, but I loved how the Blue Heron print turned out.  He ended up in the family room where I can see him daily while I sit on the couch and eat white cheddar popcorn and watch Real Housewives all day long (I think that's what Kip thinks I do).  They printed it on acrylic and framed it in this black and gold frame.  I love the modern look of acrylic and how the wall and shadows become the matte. 

And now for my little morning coffee nook while Edward commandeers the big TV in the family room.  This is where I watch the Today show and wait for Al to tell me some good news about the weather. 

Yesterday I bought this little side table from Target.  I'm really impressed with the Threshold line from Target. 

Finally, I don't think I ever showed you our hutch in our kitchen.  We bought it after Christmas and I decided to put some of my favorite pretties on top.  (pardon the wonky colors, our house doesn't usually look bathed in fluorescent lighting).

The Waterford trays are for the mail and my jewelry that I constantly remove when I walk in the door. 

So that's all my house updates for today! I hope it makes up for totally disappearing on y'all last week.  I'm excited to feel better and get some spring cleaning done this week. 


  1. Glad everyone's feeling better! The tray idea is great. Upon walking in the house, I wash my hands, then take off jewelry. It just gets left on the counter and a tray would be much safer.

  2. Love your new purchases! Isn't Etsy great?
    Happy Monday.

  3. LOVE YOUR HOME. LOVE IT! It is so beautiful. The pillows do make a huge difference in a good way and you have such a great eye when it comes to finds!

  4. BTW, 16 Candles is STILL my fav movie of all time....

  5. Your house is beautiful, and I love the new pillows! Glad you are feeling better!!

    The Glam Pad

  6. Love love love! I just want to see MORE :-)


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