Let's Pretend It's Not Going to Snow

You know when the weather guy is scared to say the s-word (snow) that it's bad.  I don't think it will actually snow, but they are threatening a mix of white slushy stuff tonight and I'm pretty sure everyone out there with kids is going cray cray right about now.  I'm choosing to ignore it.  Instead, I will pretend that this is my backyard because how amazing would that be.  

I'm also working on a moodboard for our basement.  Kip bought us a new fancy flat screen for downstairs and my goal is to make the basement the main TV watching area (mainly because I'm tired of all of the toys upstairs).  Since it doesn't look like we'll be going outside anytime soon, I'm going to play around with the indoors some more. 

Have a good Monday y'all!

{image via Timothy Corrigan}


  1. So strange that you should post a picture of my very own backyard. I just wish you could see my vintage Jaguar parked out front, with my Hermes Kelly bag in the passenger seat. I guess that was in a different photo.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful back yard!! Pinning now! :)

    The Glam Pad

  3. This picture reminds me of The Great Gatsby! I cant wait for that movie. xx. McKenna Lou

  4. Snow???? PLEASE tell me you are kidding....I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, considering we can't seem to warm up past 50 these days but snow? April going into May? Seriously!! The weather gods are going nuts! Do love that picture:)

  5. Being that we just came off a week in St. Lucia and really hot weather…it feels chilly to me now in Alabama in the 60's! I can't imagine the "S" word!

  6. Glad you like this yard Jennifer. You can take a peek inside here: http://www.timothy-corrigan.com/press/2011/04/01/230-luxe-interiors-design
    Hope the sun comes out soon!

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