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The other day I went on an insane pregnancy hormone* rampage, and once again, threatened to sell all of our family room furniture.  I love how Kip talks me down by patiently (and slowly) saying, "I don't think that's a good idea right now."  Like, it might be a good idea in the future?  So for now I make do with what I have, which really isn't bad at all, it's just not right for the room. 

Cue late night Etsy searches.  Rather than Facebook stalking ex-boyfriends and frenemies, I Etsy stalk pillows.  And now I will share with you the fruits of my labor (with links to the items and stores in the captions). You'll see I went a bit off-topic and there's more than pillows here, but Etsy is a wondrous labyrinth of goodies. 

* I don't actually think pregnancy hormones have anything to do with my momentary decor insanity, but I think it's nice to blame as much as I can on being pregnant.  Because I can. 

I bought these first two pillows for my family room:

Upcycled Home

Spark Modern

Here are some other items I would have purchased were I more of a hoarder:

Ralph Lauren Nanking Pillow Cover {Aurelia}

Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow Cover {Pink & Piper}

Grey Stripe Drum Lamp Shade {Cruel Mountain}

Vintage Blue and White Porcelain Box {Halfpint Vintage Finds}

Schumacher Shantung Silhouette Covers {Aurelia}

Custom Sketch Portrait Print {Kiki & Polly}

Champion Art Print {Janet Hill Studio}

Schumacher Nanjing Pillow Cover {Aurelia}

I want all of those things, but most especially the Kiki & Polly custom sketch portrait.  I would love to have a pair for my vanity.  Also, I've ordered pillows from Aurelia before, and I will say the quality is great, the prices are amazing and she has access to a lot of great fabrics.  The catch is they ship from New Zealand (if I remember correctly) and so it takes awhile, but I would definitely order from her again!

Click here to see more of my favorite Etsy shops

Do y'all have any favorite Etsy shops?  Do share!


  1. Love everything in this post....mostly love the looking at Etsy instead of FB stalking ex-boyfriends and frenemies...bahahahahaha!

  2. I love Janet Hill's prints and have three. The colors are just beautiful in them!

  3. So many great finds - just love the pillows you bought, the Schumacher pillows and the sketch...fabulous!!


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