Blue & White Delights from Black & Spiro

Morning y'all!  Well, today is pretty much an overall gloomy day.  It's cold and rainy and poor Edward has a bad stomach virus.  This is his first one in life so he's totally confused about why he feels so bad and it's so sad.  Needless to say, I need a pick me up.  So I'm turning to one of my favorite designers Anna Spiro and her newly launched web site for Black & Spiro Interior Design.

I pretty much find everything about her style completely delightful.  I've been reading her blog Absolutely Beautiful Things for years, and more recently, I started following her on Instagram,  obsessively "hearting" all of her photos. 

So I finally had a chance to browse through her Projects on her web site and the first thing I saw basically took my breath away and then made me teary with joy (I'm not kidding it's that gloomy here).

I mean, Holy Blue and White, yesssssssss!

How about that gallery wall in the back??

And this whole sunroom situation??

So ya,  I'm a little obsessed.

And just for fun I included some goodies from her Instagram because that's really where she brings me the most joy.  I find it fascinating that someone I've never met, halfway across the world can post a picture of something and instantly put a smile on my face.  I love technology. 

My day is better already for writing this post.



  1. I think Anna could be your long lost sister. Those could be your photos. Love it!

  2. Such beautiful photos...Love the gallery wall and all the pretty blue & white china! I hope everyone is feeling better at your home real soon!!!

  3. Yes it is very sad when the little ones hurt! Rad had stomach virus last mont too...thankfully they recover fast.
    The 2 wooden armoires are beautiful... I love blue and white ... Even if I don't decorate with the 2 colours exclusively, I appreciate the look tremendously(:
    Hugs z

  4. How beautiful! I can't wait to follow her instagram as well and will definitely check our her projects! What a gorgeous post!

  5. WOW. Just stunning...that sofa with all the different blue and white pillows is so stunning. Love it all. Sure hope Edward is on the mend soon...thats so hard when they feel lousy and cannot fully express themselves, hope hes getting lots of love and attention!


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