Birthday Blue & White Wishes

I wish I had a birthday coming up.  It is in fact nowhere near my birthday.  I will be having a baby before my next birthday, so it's really a ways away.  This is unfortunate only because I have a lot of things I want right now.  Over the past few weeks I've been wasting time online scouting all of the things I would buy myself for Mother's Day/Kip's Birthday/Fourth of July/Tuesday.  It's getting bad.  I know it's just from being stuck indoors for so long and I really don't need all of this stuff.  Sooo once again (see Tuesday's post) I want to share them with you so you can get them!

This time it's all blue and white lovelies.

First, this blue and white toile tablecloth from Williams-Sonoma.  I saw it in person at the store and I fell in love.  I don't have a table to go under it, but maybe I can wrap up Little Robertson in it to bring him home from the hospital. 

They also have placemats in this pattern, as well as coasters, napkins and a table runner.  They know a good thing when they have it.  I would just like a big roll of this fabric please.   

Next up, this Hadley Pottery Sweet Tea Pitcher.  I posted long ago about my love for Hadley.  I want some more and this would be a perfect way to start off summer.  Kip and I love sweet tea in all it's sugary goodness.  We both have the drinking habits of 9-year-olds i.e. fruit punch, suicide fountain drinks, Jolt (just kidding on the last two).

And this, this blue and white Anthropologie eyelet embroidered sheet set, this makes me happy, happy, happy (it's a Robertson thing).

Finally, this John Derian Melamine Charger is so unbreakable and pretty.  Two things I love.         

So there you have it.  My deepest wants and desires at the moment.  You're welcome.

ALSO, huge thank you to all of the great advice on my Gas Lantern post!  When I asked Kip if we had a gas line yesterday, he looked at me just like Nick Lachey looked at Jessica Simpson when she asked if Chicken of the Sea was chicken or tuna.

Sooo I guess we have one that we can use for the lanterns?

I'll keep you updated! 


  1. You know for me the blue and white thing never ever gets bring it on and keep it coming. Love it all! LOVE those sheets!!
    Hope you get your gas lanterns but more importantly sure hope you have a gas line otherwise THAT might be your birthday gift!

  2. Who cares if you don't have a birthday coming up? All you have to do is tell your man that you are going to get it now while the item is still available and it will be for your next birthday. My birthday actually is coming up and I told the Mr. I wanted a new camera. So he said that it will be my for my bday in 2022 because I already have gotten the gifts up til then. I'm up to 2025 for my anniversary gifts.!! Love the tablecloth! I have a dozen table cloths from WS and love them.

  3. I was just thinking about how much I wish Nick and Jess where still together. Such great entertainment! And you never "need" a birthday to buy some more blue and white. Classics are not really gifts, they are more like investments!

  4. well thanks for that. now I really, really, really want that sheet set too. :-)

  5. Oh you could call all of these push presents!!! And yes that was one of TVs best moments!! I also wish they were still together!

    1. Good Call! I'm still trying to explain to my husband the "push present" concept.

    2. What's to explain? His business causes your business months of pain and suffering....;) therefore presents!!!!

  6. I love the header on your blog Jennifer and those Anthro sheets...beautiful!
    xo Nancy


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