The Urge to Purge

First of all, it is snowing.  Full fledged snowing.  Giant flakes that while beautiful are no longer welcome in this town. 

Second, last night I suggested to Kip that I might sell all of the furniture we don't really like on Craigslist (by we, I mean me), and then use that money to buy one or two really nice pieces.  This furniture would include everything in my family room.  My suggestion was met with a look of fear that could only be matched by a 16-year-old dude finding out his girlfriend might be knocked up.  Real fear (but then maybe a little hope for an MTV reality show?).  Sorry, I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.  It's the snow and pregnancy hormones.

So here I am trying to appreciate my family room with an orchid and a nice little iPhone filter app. 

I do love my orchid, especially because it's the one plant I can keep alive.  Yeah me!  Anyway, I'm still in my PJs after spending most of the morning dreaming up a new family room.  Lately, I've really been inspired by Erin Gates' new home (of the fab Elements of Style).  She does such a great job of mixing modern and classic elements and bringing in trends but making them look not trendy, if that makes any sense.  The other day we got a peek at her house when she posted pics from her husband's 40th birthday.  Check it out here

This is her living room, and I really love what she's done with it. 
via Elements of Style Blog

Now you can see how much it inspired my own family room mood board that I had absolutely no business spending all morning on.

I know it looks like there's a lot going on here, but our family room is really big.  We need all new furniture because our current furniture is just a little small for the space.  We also have two big blank walls on either side of the large window where I'd love to hang some Griffin & Wong chinoiserie panels.  I need the room to be neutral enough that I can bring colors in and out as I please, and I love the modern touch the Barcelona chair adds to the space.  Also, I snuck in the Susie Pryor painting above the mantel.  I will own one someday, mark my words people.  

So basically, now that my morning sickness is over (finally!), I've replaced it with a new urge to purge.  I did this when I was pregnant with Edward as well, but the force is stronger with this one.  I feel a little bit maniacal about it.

Ok, now I have to go be productive and maybe throw some things away (but also go to Costco and stock up on more things).  Have a lovely day y'all!


  1. I feel a MAJOR purge coming on in our house too, but not due to any preggo hormones. We are in this strange place of having too much stuff, but not enough. Our townhouse has more rooms than we have furniture, and most of our furniture is secondhand or hand-me-downs. We're slooooowly investing in large furniture purchases to fill those spaces. But in the meantime, there's an awful lot of junk that just takes up space and serves no purpose. Sigh. I feel like we need to get rid of all of that before we can pull the trigger on some mayj purchases so we can see what we actually need.

    In the meantime, I will be lusting after a tufted leather ottoman that I have my eye on...

  2. That purge urge can be crazy. When I first moved to Dallas I lived on Emerson (know you know) and so much went to the dumpster in an impulsive purge craze. I don't think there was a craigslist back then, but I could have done Salvation Army or something!

  3. I am feeling the same!! Maybe it IS pregnancy? :)

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  5. Your inspiration board is AMAZING, I absolutely love it!! I'm also a huge fan of Erin Gates... she has impeccable taste!

    The Glam Pad


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