Pink or Blue?

My two favorite houses on Rainbow Row in Charleston - I love them both
We find out what we're having today!  It's such an exciting day, like Christmas morning.  The old cliche holds true - I don't care what it is as long as it's healthy.  But I really, 100% mean that.  I figure, I'll get the child I'm supposed to have.  This whole process is such a big miracle if you really think about it, and I have too much respect for that to think I could ever know which kind of baby would be better for our family. 

On a totally superficial decorating front, this will help determine what I do next in my house.  I have some ideas for the guest room, but I want to make sure I can do what I want in the nursery first.  I'm going to try to go easy on the nursery this time around regardless of what we are having (Kip just did a happy dance), but obviously, if it's a girl I'll want to make a few more changes than I would for a boy. 

When I found out Edward was going to be a boy, I literally headed straight from the doctor's office to the paint store.  His nursery was bright and fun and exactly what I wanted at the time.  You can see all the pictures of it here

Ok, off to go pick out my "find out what kind of baby we are having" outfit, which most likely will consist of yoga pants and some sort of shirt. 

Stay tuned ...


  1. Squeeeee!!!! I am so excited!! I have a feeling it's a girl, but I also had a feeling I would marry Prince William with that what you wish.

  2. This is sooo exciting! I cannot wait to hear the news. Fun, fun fun!

  3. How fun! It makes me remember those days all too well! My daughter's best friends just had the most beautiful baby boy! I for one am looking forward to my daughter having a baby and having a "reveal the gender" party! Like all of her friends are doing! Best of luck and many well wishes are sent your way!

  4. I can hardly wait to, so excited for you!!


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