It's Monday, Let's Pretend It's Summer

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Y'all, I have a problem.  I'm addicted to House Hunters.  Like stay up all night and watch 50 episodes until my eyeballs hurt.  It's not normal.  I don't even know why I like it.  I know it's fake, the people drive me crazy, and most of the houses are "meh" at best.  But it's becoming a real problem.   I'd really love to see a House Hunters: New Orleans where the buyers have like a $4 million budget.  That would be amazing.  It could be a 5-hour episode, I don't care. (Seeeee?)  

This really has nothing to do with the two glorious images above, except that I think my addiction is an attempt to fill the big empty hole in my soul that is getting bigger with each non-summer day.  I just want to be outside by a pool or under an umbrella with lots of green around me.  I know, #firstworldproblems I probably need to check myself before I wreck myself, y'all.

But first, I'd also like a Coke Slurpee.  It's my current #1 pregnancy craving now.  There are not a lot of 7-11s in Kansas City so my access is limited.  I'm thinking of going to the movie theater and explaining my situation and asking if they'll just let me in real quick to get a Slushee (not as good as a Slurpee, but it will do).  And then I would ask them to remember me when I come back tomorrowAnyway, this is probably the most random post ever.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I blame it on pregnancy hormones and cabin fever.


  1. Pretty pictures! John hated HGTV until I made him watch House Hunters: International. He's a convert. I feel like everyone on the regular House Hunters has a $150,000 budget, or an $800,000 budget. I don't know what a Coke Slurpee is,but I would bring you one if I could!

  2. Hysterical...I have done that a few times for movie theater popcorn (don't judge) but when I crave it, there is NO stopping me and nothings bests buttery salt movie popcorn:)
    Now these pictures are gorgeous....yes me too, I want to be outside smelling green grass taking in all the beauty around me, tropical drink would be nice too, beautiful hedges a plus and lunch al fresco served to me icing on the have me dreaming of summer!

  3. Thanks for the dreaming! We had about 30 cm of snow this Sunday so I need spring even more than summer((:
    Gosh your house hunters story is funny! I watch sometimes too to fall asleep to... Even if it is fake, it takes you places!
    Hugs z

  4. Jennifer!!!! I have the same disease! I could even watch the same episodes all over again.....and I can't believe some of the poor choices they make (in my humble opinion)...xo Diana

  5. SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER!!!!!!! Also, so excited to see YOU!

  6. We had a realtor acquaintance here in Texas that filmed in our old neighborhood a few years ago and I was disappointed when I found out the buyers have to already be in escrow on a home before they can be on the show. So, like you said it is fake but, still fun to watch.

    I am not a soda drinker but, I craved coke like it was going out of style when I was pregnant. It seemed to be the most thirst quenching delight I could get my hands on. Enjoy your coke slurpees!

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