A Little Honeymoon

Hello lovelies! I'm off to Charleston for the weekend with Kip. It's going to be Gone With the Wind Fabulous! Kip and I decided when we got married that instead of anniversary presents, we'd take a little trip together. This year we decided to go to our favorite city, Charleston. It worked out that we're meeting some of my besties there as well! I'm so excited to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people. People who can feed themselves and don't require diaper changes.

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to do a weekend links since I spent most of yesterday snuggling Edward. It's easier to leave him now that he can be bribed with the prospect of presents. I know he'll be ok. But it's still so hard to leave the little cuddle bug.

So have a lovely weekend! I promise things will get back to normal soon. I'm feeling much more inspired now :)


  1. A city I have always wanted to visit!! Have a great time Jennifer!

    Art by Karena

  2. Have fun! Charleston is such a great city....it embraces all I love. And what a wonderful place to spend an anniversary. You enjoy, relax and we will all be here when you return from your second honeymoon bliss:)

  3. Have a wonderful time away. That is one of my favorite cities- xo Diana

  4. I'm going in the fall - please please post your must dos!

  5. I love Charleston - one of my favorite cities. Hope your anniversary is wonderful, and enjoy a little time away!


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