Suzeday Tuesday: Twenty Year Love Affair

Morning y'all! The Suze is heading back to Dallas today :(  It's been a fun week and so helpful to have her here as I slowly climb out of the exhausting, sickly 1st trimester.  It's times like these I wish we lived closer.  So I'm dedicating today to The Suze.  Specifically, her 20+ year love affair with this wallpaper sample that she's carried with her for equally as long.

It's pretty amazing in person, but ...

it's a wallpaper border, which you pretty much never see anymore and The Suze doesn't want, and ...

it's nowhere to be found.  So ...

These are small obstacles in Suzedayland, which sits on the border of reality and blue and white heaven.  So what's a girl to do?  Well, in Suzedayland one would just call up Pierre Frey and be like, "Hey P, I need something like this, hand painted, but in full panel form, stat."  This is where I would make a great rich and famous celebrity.  I bet Beyonce or Lisa Vanderpump could make this happen.

Pierre Frey does make a fabric in the same tribe as this, Macao Bleu de Chine

Gorgeous, but not as gorgeous and doesn't come as a wallpaper.

There's also David Hick's The Vase, which we all know and love.

via Chinoiserie Chic

But still doesn't quite stand up to the beauty of The Suze's sample, which has more depth, detail and color variation making it more traditional. 

So maaayyybe it's time to move on and say goodbye to someone who just wasn't quite working for you.  Give the Final Rose to another, more deserving, more emotionally available wallpaper.

Might I suggest Delft Bleu from Pierre Frey

or Canton Bleu

or Tarantelle


or throw caution to the wind and go pink with Leandre Rose? (I want this baaaad)

I think all of these are worthy of a hometown date, even a trip to the fantasy sweet, no? 

Feel free to share your feelings on these wallpapers or last night's Bachelor.  I equally care about your opinions on both.  


  1. Oh, that sample is absolutely to die for!! Personally, I’m crazy about The Vase by David Hicks. I’m thinking about doing a Roman shade above our kitchen sink in the navy and white. It will go perfectly with the Giclees I plan to order from The Pink Pagoda! I would also love to see a room in the Delft Bleu from Pierre Frey you selected. How exquisite!!

    I hope you get to feeling better soon! :)

    The Glam Pad

  2. Love the surprised to see Leslie go.....SUPER. I felt Catherine crying....I was all "gurrrrllll.....I know, they were perfect, but dry your eyes, you are still there!" Also, Tierra....good riddance. Plus, I had to hide under the covers when AshLee (right?!) stood up on a chair and proclaimed her love for Sean......I couldn't take it.

  3. So much to love! Love each and every one, and I know full well what its like to fall madly in love and then find out its not available, takes a while to lick those wounds and mend a broken heart. But looks like there are many wonderful suitors who could easily take Mr. Borders place...not a one I don't just love!

  4. Happy to hear that you had a nice visit with your mother. I hope she has a safe trip home:) Just love the Delft Bleu from Pierre Frey!

  5. I know I will be Suze one day soon…I'm just glad to hear that it can be fun! LOL! I sure wish my HOllz was back here with me! Love the wallpaper but love your choices even more!

  6. hi jennifer. just found your blog while searching for pretty blue scandinavian inspired fabric! any luck with that chatelet breeze you were crushing on a year ago? it def caught my eye!

    come on over if you have a moment. so happy to meet you.



    oooooh i love baby rolls too. my babies are almost grown up tho!

  7. First, I hope you feel better soon. I love every single example you have shown. I know how it is to want something so bad and it not be available. As far as The Bachelor, thank the good Lord he finally got rid of Tierra!!! Enough said:):) XO, Pinky


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