Suzeday Tuesday: Blue & White Heaven

Morning y'all!  It's Tuesday and The Suze came in town to help me try to function like a normal, not-pukey person and sneekily do my laundry while I sleep (angel's work, I have an obscene amount of dirty laundry). 

So in honor of the super hero mom and grandma powers she's bringing to my poor neglected household this week, I am giving her this home designed by Pam Pierce.  Please celebrate Suzeday Tuesday (with Booze-day?) and enjoy this bit of Blue and White Heaven (preferably with a giant glass of wine for me, since I can't have one until August - that's depressing).

* images via Antique Shops & Designers Volume 7 

{Last week, Joni from Cote De Texas ever so kindly alerted her readers to the online presence of this magazine that is not available in print to mere peasants like me in Kansas City.  I spent 45 hours this weekend going through every issue.  If you're bored you can check them all out here}

So refreshing right?  I would kill somebody for that screened in porch and those french winery doors in the third picture, those would be great for smug conversation with people taking a tour of your house. 

Have a lovely day y'all! 

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  1. Beautiful photos! Enjoy your rest, but most importantly, enjoy your mom.

  2. I completely adore these lovely blue and white rooms!


    One day.....

    Have a wonderful visit with your mama.

    I need a laundry fairy.


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