Sea Island Candy

I've spent the better part of the morning fending off requests for marshmallows and suckers from  a certain delusional toddlerI'm not sure where he got the idea that these were appropriate breakfast foods, but he is completely shocked and appalled that I have denied these requests.  Each denial comes with about 10 minutes of melodrama followed by a momentary distraction where he's okay, and then he comes back and asks again like it's the first time we're having this discussion.  It's all very exhausting and has me longing for a vacation to my happy place, Sea Island.  

Edward frolicking in front of the beach cottages last summer - much happier than he is this morning

So I'm taking y'all with me to stay at this delicious cottage that my super talented real estate finding sister, Lulu, found and sent me a while back.  

Here are some larger images from the virtual tour:

Ahh, Sea Island, I'm missin' you like candy ...

So baby, come to me  
Show me who you are  
Sweet to me  
Like sugar to my heart, baby  
I'm cravin' for you  
I'm missin' you like candy
You know who you are  
Your love's as sweet as candy 
I'll be forever yours  
Love always, Mandy


  1. This is beautiful!! I would love to have a getaway here!! xx. McKenna Lou

  2. OMG, Mandy Moore "Candy" aside (you know I LOVED that song!!!!, so 1999-2000), I am obsessed with that house. It is pretty much the perfect beach house ever, like in the world. And yes, it is so you. my mind, I have already GONE to Carolina myself. And I don't have a beautiful toddler begging me for sweets. Problem for me is that I eat ice cream and candy for breakfast on the regular. Secret single behaviors still live before you get married....

    1. I wish I have a home like but if that will happen I'll do my best to use interior glass doors, I swear because I love glass doors!


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