Seriously, y'all I have never seen this much snow. It's like I woke up in Narnia. The snow froze to the branches of the trees so it's just white everywhere you look. It's so beautiful! But it also means we might lose some trees. We have power, but apparently a lot of people in the city don't so prayers for them.

Here are pics from my phone. Kip is outside trying to knock snow off of some of our trees that are having a hard time standing up. I think he just wants to be out in the elements (what is it with men and weather?) I may try to take some from my big girl camera later today. Stay safe Midwesterners!


  1. WOW!! That is A LOT of snow....holy moly enough to last the rest of the year!! Enjoy it...and bundle up.

  2. wow! it's beautiful! glad you still have power.

  3. Holy SNOW!! We have quite a bit in my front yard too. I love winter but I am all to ready for spring. xx. McKenna Lou
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  4. Another WOW to add! WOW! and holy moly! that is SOME SNOW seriousness going on! I wish we had some of that up in the Pac NW. Stay cozy!!!!


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