Moodboard Monday & A Sneak Peek: Edward's Big Boy Room

Morning y'all! This weekend we worked a little bit on Edward's Big Boy Room.   I thought I'd give you a little peek (wrinkled bedding and all).  This is sort of Phase 1 of the project with Phase 2 happening when he gets out of the toddler stage.  For instance, we'll eventually get a second bed and then headboards, as well as move all of the stuffed animals out and put a desk in - that kind of thing.  But for now I think it will be a fun room for him to play and read and dream.  I promise I'll show you more when it's more complete. 

Soo I saw this image last week on The Pink Pagoda and it is now serving as inspiration for all of Edward's Big Boy Room.

I'm pretty sure I have to have a red pagoda lantern.  I found this one from Shades of Light and it's not crazy expensive. 

Here's the issue, it will look much better when we have two beds in the room, which could be a couple of years from now.   Also, I believe the ceilings are standard 8 ft high ceilings so I'm nervous that a hanging light will become an obstacle for us to dodge (granted we're not by any means tall people).  BUT I love it, so what's a girl to do?  Advice anyone? 

Here's a working moodboard for Edward's room based on the New England Home image above: 

Eventually, I'd like to do some sisal carpet with this blue and white Dash and Albert rug (after potty training - ew).  I originally wanted my beloved antelope in there, but I'm feeling sisal today.  It could change tomorrow.   I'm also planning on having a window seat recovered in some charcoal velvet fabric I have and finished with white piping.  It's starting to come together though and I think Edward likes it a lot. 

Finally, does anyone have any advice on transitioning from the crib to the toddler bed?  Edward has been fighting bedtime and right now I'm loving the jail-like bars of the crib (don't judge), but part of me wonders if this means he's ready for a bigger bed.  He likes to sleep with as many stuffed animals as he can (as you can see here) and he's running out of space (I always take some out when I go in to check on him).  Any advice would be appreciated!!!

Kk have a lovely day!


  1. We transitioned our daughter at 18 months and we went through sleep training all over again. Now she is 26 months and we haven't looked back!

  2. I love that lantern light!! It looks wonderful. xx. McKenna Lou
    p.s. Hop on over to Lynn and Lou to win a $50 gift card!!

  3. ahh i love everything so far!!! looks great!! i still think the trunk would look great too but that can be further down the line

  4. Love it and the monogram in red really pops as s beautiful statement piece. Loving the look so far, grown up and sophisticated (hey any little tyke that can pen a blog deserves a big boy room) but still looks boyish too...great job Jennifer!

  5. Love the new big boy room! As for advice, we transferred both children at 2 yrs pretty much on the dot (They are 13 & 10 now, sniff sniff). They were both thrilled to have big beds so we didn't have to do a bedtime re-train. I think my son yelled more in the crib because he so HATED the jail bars. But the crib stayed in the corner of his room for a little while more. We told him it was in case he needed to use it again (wink wink) but in all honesty, it was probably because we were too lazy to take it down! Best of luck!!

  6. What a great room! And I think the lantern will be a cheery pop of color!!! For all three of the kiddos we had their bed against the wall and a bed rail on the other side. It kept them from rolling off in the middle of the night. Plus I think it helped keep them in their bed before they fell asleep. No matter what in the end it will all work out:)

  7. I am digging the big boy room! I want to sleep in it.

  8. Love the lantern! We have hanging lights in our big boy rooms and they just so happen to hang over the foot of the bed in both. Honey is very tall but this keeps him from bumping his head on them so they haven't been an issue. I love what you've done!!

  9. Oh, I just saw this -- thanks for the link! I love that photo, too! Edward's room will be GREAT! I can't wait to see it!


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