Moodboard Monday: Nursery Inspiration

Morning y'all! Thank you so much for all of the Baby Love following Friday's little (big) announcement.  We are so thrilled and it's fun to actually be able to share the excitement with everyone.

So basically, I have to wait TWO WHOLE MONTHS before I find out what I'm having.  I know.  It's brutal.  I feel very strongly that I'm having one over the other.  It has nothing to do with preference, but more with the way I'm feeling this time around so I'm interested to see if my instincts are correct or not.   But for now I have time to explore all of my options in terms of decorating the nursery.  If it's a girl, obviously there will be a lot of pink.  If it's a boy, I won't change much, but I did find some bedding I kind of like (see below) so I may sell the old stuff and get something new (don't tell Kip).

Here's a nursery I saw on pinterest the other day that has the overall feel of what I want happening in my nursery regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl.

(original source here - but I'm not totally sure it's a legit site, so if you recognize it as being from somewhere else or you're like, "hey that's creepy that's my nursery" let me know)

Simple and pretty right? 

Here's the wallpaper I'm working with:

It came with the house!  It's cream and gray and I absolutely love it, especially for a nursery.

And here are just a few things I like:

I really want to put a chandelier in the room. 

Pottery Barn Mia Faceted Crystal Pendant

Restoration Hardware French Regency Crystal Pendant

Restoration Hardware Washed Velvet in Silver Mist
Restoration Hardware Vintage Washed Belgian Linen
Restoration Hardware Washed Organic Linen

Nothing too wild, if even kind of boring, but I want the room to be simple, quiet, soft and elegant. I'm actually going more babyish than I did with Edward's nursery, which was bold and fun.  (You can see it here)  

What do you think?

Oh and because it's Monday, here are two moodboards I did a long time ago that I still like.

A Blue and White Nursery

A Peter Pan Nursery
All right loves, that's all I got today.  Have a lovely Monday!


  1. I want to sleep there. I LOVE the wallpaper, too.


    You amaze me as usual!

  2. Oh, this nursery will be beautiful - for either a boy or girl inhabitant! So exciting! I love the mood boards as well... I have been trying to figure out how to do those. Is there a website you use, like Polyvore?

    The Glam Pad

    1. Thank you! I use Olioboard, which is like polyvore and it's online. You can also download a free photoshop like program calle Gimp that I use sometimes. Love to see some mood boards from you!

    2. Thanks, Jennifer!! I have a little series of mood boards I'm hoping to launch as a self-imposed homework assignment in preparation for the Dorothy Draper School of Decorating in April!

      Thanks for the tips, hopefully I can figure it out! I am sooo bad with technology! :)

      The Glam Pad

  3. Love every single idea you have presented!! Gorgeous mood board especially that first one. And the wallpaper you have already is a stunner, very exciting! I Know one thing for sure, this little bebe is going to be one lucky little girl or boy:)

  4. I just love the first mood board, but I have an obsession with all things blue and white:)


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