Lulu's Listing: Dallas Dream House

Morning y'all!  On snowy days like this, I long to be back in Dallas.  My love for snow is completely dependent on its proximity to Christmas.  Now that I'm thinking Easter outfits, I'm not interested in a cold wintery mess.  I'm ready for Spring! Fortunately, my little sissy, Laura, found my dream house so I can at least move there in my mind.  It's been awhile since I've done a Lulu's Listing so some of y'all may not be familiar with it.  Basically, my sister has been a genius at finding pretty houses all over the country since she was about 5.  It's like some people are good at piano while others are more athletically inclined.  My sister is good at pretty houses.  

This house is very traditional, but also very open and light.  It was inspired by the architecture of A. Hays Town, which I am now realizing is my most favorite style ever.

Somebody get The Suze some smelling salts or a martini and a cigarette (just kidding, she doesn't smoke).  I'm pretty sure she's hyperventilating right now.  So much to love about this house, I can't even deal with it.  The screened-in porch, that little awning, the shutters, the windows, the balcony, the colors, the kitchen! It's soo good.  I can't even deal with it.

You can check out the rest of the listing here

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P.S.  If any of y'all are interior designers and looking for a super-awesome summer intern who's really organized and helpful and makes straight A's and has a natural eye for design, let me know and I'll send you Laura's resume.  I know, I'm shameless, but she's going to be in high demand someday so you need to scoop her up now. 


  1. What a beautiful home! Just love the soft blues. Tell your sister, the architectural style of this home is Monterey Colonial, which originated in colonial California. There aren't many homes built in that style so she picked a unique one (and yes, she has great taste!!). The only reason I know about it is that my home is Monterey Colonial too. When I first moved in, I wasn't sure I liked it that much. Now it's grown on me and I love it...and now that your sister has picked it for a beautiful home, I love it that much more!

  2. Love the vibe...elegant, beautiful, happy and warm. All one could ask for in a home. It feels very "homey" especially love the master and the kitchen, beautifully done! Stay warm and lets both cross our fingers for spring arrive soon!

  3. Wow she really does have a gift! That house makes me teary eyed - in a good way :-)

  4. can I move there too? (: very beautiful home...ciao Z

  5. Such a great kitchen and bedroom. Look at that garden room! Wow.. love it and also the exterior. Very pretty!


  6. Love the house and Lulu is really top notch.....someone grab her up!

  7. This is so beautiful! Your sister did an excellent job!!

    The Glam Pad

  8. What a beautiful house! Indeed, your sister is a genius at finding pretty houses! I am not usually a fan of Monterey Colonial, but with class and design of its interiors, this could fall into my category of dream houses too. =)

    Sara Owens

  9. That’s really a wonderful house! It has a relaxing and inviting ambiance that can make anyone fall in love with it. Honestly, I’m not into houses that has large window sills because I still want my privacy, but that one there has really moved me.

    Brian Quanstorm

  10. I agree with Brian. That house is very lovely! It has a certain pull that makes people drawn to it. And I find it hard to find words to describe everything. It definitely blew me away!

    Lois Becker @ Finlay-Brewer


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