Have a Loverly Weekend!

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Hello Team! It's Friday again.  I can't believe it's been a week since I made my big announcement!  I'm still feeling sick so hopefully only another week of these pregnancy shenanigans.  We don't have a lot going on this weekend.  The Suze is still in town and she has literally done over 25 loads of laundry.  No one can explain how this happend or how we had clothes to wear when the laundry was dirty.  But seriously, having someone come in and do my laundry is pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen to me (in my mind right now), so thanks Mom!!

Enjoy these linkies with some drinkies (especially some drinkies because I can't have any until AUGUST!!)

THIS FAMILY ROBERTSON:  Past Pregnancy Posts here, here and here
(it's kind of like reading my diary)

RECIPE:  Kind of want to try this pasta with crumbled meatballs recipe

ETSY:  Adorable Etsy Dolls in this post (also super excited about her nursery)

I don't often get jealous, but the De Gournay wallpaper in Bailey McCarthy's bedroom has me green

BLUE & WHITE:  Great Post on Building a Blue & White Collection (and a giveaway!)

In Charnelle, seriously, I'm never wearing anything else  

I need to get my hands on this creepy/awesome documentary about Mermaids
It's necessary research for something big that will be happening this summer ;)

PALE BLUSH: Love this office redo! I must try this paint color!

FUNNY HAHA: The Letter B Prank

Skinny Jeans for the Post-Baby Body (I'll need to remember this)

I like this happiness quote

I could move right in to this East Hampton Cottage

MORE BLUE & WHITE:  Love this Master Bedroom Makeover


  1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for the shout out! I just pinned this BEAUTIFUL photo! I hope you're feeling better soon! Jennifer

  2. Oh hey, don't mind me. Just started sobbing like a total freak at the video when you told Kip. It's cool. I will pull myself together.

    For reals, that was some serious cuteness!!!!

    Um and I can't even begin to convey my jealousy at your Duchess preggers twinsie-ness!

  3. That family post was amazing....had me crying tears of joy from beginning to end. I can a lot of love from that family Robertson. And how great for your readers to get to share in the excitement ahead!
    Next I am honored to have been mentioned not once but TWICE in this post!! Thanks Jennifer so happy both of these made the cut, and really happy you enjoyed them. Does "the Beibs" have any idea how much he is involved in your life:) Now I am going to pursue the other half of your list...enjoy your weekend, excuse me while I go observe the blizzard just getting started!

  4. I love this house!! Happy weekend! xx. McKenna Lou

  5. Love the announcement video. So sweet! Thanks for the bedroom link up :-)

  6. I love the video! Must buy that lipstick. I am always searching for the perfect pink and I can never quite get it right....we'll see!

  7. thank you so much for including my office in your links!! i feel way cool. :) now on to check out the other ones and from these comments, looks like i need to watch that video!


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