Pale Blush Bedroom Love!

Morning lovelies! After reading my Belclaire House Color of the Year post, the super sweet Kimberly Schlegel Whitman pointed me to her pale blush guest room done by one of my favorite Dallas designers, Jan Showers

Umm yes ma'am! The monochromatic color scheme is so soothing and I love the tufted, lucite bench.  Also, how fun are the monogrammed pillows?  I love finding different ways to display a monogram and this allows the monogram to peek out while also allowing for some throw pillows. Very genius :)  I could totally take a long, luxurious nap in here!* 

*Y'all, sometimes I think about weird things I would do if I became a crazy person and lost all touch with reality. A lot of it involves taking naps in other people's pretty bedrooms. 'Cause. That's. Not. Weird. At. All.  I thought about this a lot when I was 7-months post-partum and had not one, single night of five straight hours of sleep.  I'm sure some of y'all remember how I basically only posted pictures of beds.  I looked at pictures of beds with the same level of enthusiasm and desperation as a tween stalking Justin Bieber's Instagram.  It was a special time.


  1. My single girl bedroom was painted theeeeee perfect shade of pale blush, Benjamin Moore Love and Happiness. It was my dream room. I would LOVE to paint our guest room that color. It's so pretty and soothing and sophisticated. Love the pale blush inspiration pics. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Beautiful....know my husband would never go for it but it sure is a beautiful color....and its one I guess I will have to admire from afar:)

  3. Love the color... soo serene. When I had #1 a mere 21 years ago she had her days and nights mixed up. She was awake ALL NIGHT and slept all day. After two weeks of this, I told the Mister to book me a hotel room PRONTO or I was going to have a nervous breakdown. He complied, with a beautiful suite. Luckily, he was in the hotel industry. Have a wonderful weekend and sleep well, Jennifer.

    1. Your mister is a very, very good man :)

  4. How great is the jan showers' website that one can spend a good hour browsing it!!! Thanks(: I did it whilst having a bath... Must say he is genius and uses leather upholstery on chairs and sofas just the way i like it, has some art nuveau feel to his work, similarly to my heritage, Prague is practicaly famous for mixing art nuveau perfectly with French Italian styles ...(making the old look new again). Perhaps I should make a post on the central European villas that are my passion and that I try very hard to recreate in our house(:

    Now to your blush, perfect shade, love such neutrals in master bedrooms, we chose (which means myself) soft french grays, beiges and hit of pink in Decor (old pink), it sleeps Wonders!
    Thank you for the intro to Jan!
    Hugs z

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