My New Little Frenchie

In the spirit of my 2013 New Year's Resolution to only buy things I love, Kip and I found this pretty French dresser at a local antique shop and decided she needed to come live with us.  She makes me so happy every time I look at her.

I decided to keep her simple and neutral because of what you can't see in the picture, which is all of Edward's toys under the stairs.  But if I turn my back on the mess of legos and cars and dinosaurs, I get this nice little reprieve from bright colors and the stressful realization that at least one part to each toy is hidden under various sofas, dressers and chairs around the house.  I love the simplicity of a white wall with a pretty wood piece.  Eventually, I'd like to replace the sconces.  Maybe something pretty and crystally, but one thing at a time.  Also, I don't know who ate half of the almond Hershey's Kisses in the bowl.  It's a mystery ....


  1. Congrats. Its a beautiful timeless piece of furniture. I also think its screaming for a blue and white accent piece:)

  2. How did you get SO talented??????????

  3. Jennifer your special french Find is gorgeous. A great chest to be used anywhere in ones home! Love the blue & white umbrella stand next to it!

    2012 Artists Series

  4. She is truly beautiful and would make me happy as well! I love the glass picture frames! I'm trying to find some similar for the shop! Thanks for sharing this great post!

    1. Thank you!! I got one of the picture frames from Crate & Barrel and the other I think came from Marshall's, but I love the ones from Crate and Barrel

  5. Great shopping(: What a lovely piece. Hugs z


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