Moodboard Monday: Fresh Library

Morning y'all! So about this time of year I start craving a clean minimal space.  Yesterday we headed out to find a hutch for our kitchen.  We needed a little bit of extra storage and this one wall next to our stairs needed a piece of furniture in front of it.  We ended up going with this one from Crate and Barrel.  I wanted something sort of rustic with clean lines to contrast with the toile party happening on our walls.  We get it in a couple of weeks so I'll definitely share pictures when it arrives.

While we were at Crate and Barrel, I came across this really pretty Ainsworth Walnut Desk

Ok, it kind of looks fug in the picture, but it's really, really pretty in person.  The wood is gorgeous and much warmer and richer in real life.  It's also a  really solid piece, and feels very high quality, which is what I'm looking for in furniture right now. 

So of course I started imagining it in the office/library we're eventually going to build in the formal living room, a smallish room off of the entry.  For the moment, I want something crisp and clean and sort of modern with classic elements. 

Here's what I came up with. 

Ok, not totally minimal.  I can't help but layer. I feel like there's a lot of different things going on here, but it would be cozy and still fresh. 

Of course, this probably won't happen until 2015 since we have a few other big things we're doing in 2013.  But I'm actively campaigning for the desk because I can't stop thinking about it.  I'll let you know how it turns out ;)

P.S. Is it not so weird to write 2013??

P.P.S.  Downton last night almost made me rethink my desire for more contemporary clean lines in my house. 

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  1. Love the board! You and I are on the same wave length today. I like the dark and light..not too heavy but it will feel inviting and thanks for including my pillows. LOVE those pillows! Happy to see some blue and white love too...gotta love it!

  2. Love the hutch. Great design and finish.

  3. The board looks so inviting and classic. Looks great! I know exactly how you feel about having many things on your home "to do" list. Good luck with the desk acquisition!


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