Lonny Love - Let's Talk About Leather

Let's talk about leather baby, let's talk about you and me, let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be, let's talk aboooouuuut leather. Let's talk about leather.    Let's talk aboooouuuut leather.  (obviously sing that in your head, or aloud, like Salt 'n' Pepa - and if you have no idea what I'm talking about see here)

Basically, I was always like blech leather, hate it.  But now I'm like "hmm I like that room.  Wait what?  It has a leather sofa! How can that be?"

Case in point, this room from the latest issue of Lonny:

Yep, leather.  And I love it.

But BUT, then I spent two hours trying to make a moodboard for a leather sofa in our family room and I just couldn't make it work.  I think the problem is that our family room is huge and we definitely need two sofas and a couple of chairs and two leather sofas feels like too much.  But I'm considering maybe incorporating it into our master bedroom sitting room, which is tiny and dark and cozy and has a fireplace (I know, I have no idea how we got so lucky).  I think it might work better in there.  Of course, nothing would be happening anytime soon.  I'm just in the mood for more textures and less patterns.  I want clean, classic, cozy and kid-friendly (and apparently alliterative).

What are your thoughts on leather? 

Also, what are your thoughts on the Golden Globes?  Do you have as big of a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence as I do?  Why was Tommy Lee Jones so grumpy? Do you find Ann Hathaway as exhausting as I do?  I know, that's not very nice of me, I'm super crabby today. 

Let's all watch this adorable video and start Monday on a good note:

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xo Team!


  1. I like leather couches. Are they snuggly enough? Not really. I feel like that just aren't cozy enough for the way I like to socialize (on my back, under a blanket in case the TV embarrasses me and makes me want to hide, and while I eat snacks and get brainwashed by Bravo)....

    Golden Globes: Tommy Lee Jone has his period, why is Jodie Foster friends with Mel Gibson?!, Jodie Foster looked great for 50, but did indeed wear a prom dress from Cache from 1994...I think Kelly Taylor wore it to prom at West Bev her second senior year, Kevin Costner also had his period and needs a tampon, Tina Fey is HOT these days, Kristen Wiig's dress reminded me of those bathing suits we wore in elementary school with the tummy cut out (old school version of the monokini), Anne Hathaway is so exhausting, watching her makes me need a nap and she has Hilary Duff's old horse teeth, love Ben Affleck and Jen G together, I am so sick of JLo's naked/not naked look....Brit Brit did it best at the Vmas in that body suit 12 years ago......powder blue in the in color....GG's look fun because everyone gets wasted.....I could go on and on.....and I will....Lena Dunham need a stylist pronto, but I am jealous of her and wish I had her talent, she also needs shoes she can walk in......Jennifer Lawrence is a goddess...those eyes, not too skinny, AMAZING....girl crush for days I have on her. See Silver Lining Playbook if you haven't.....IT IS AWESOME!

  2. AND, I forgot, but indeed wanted to add, I LOVE Claire Danes these days.....LOVE HER, Julianne Moore can do no wrong, Quentin Tarantino scares me so much and I would never want to be alone in a room with him. I am glad that Jamie Fox is kinda over and even though Quentin Tarantino likes him, no one else does.....Alright, I am done for now.

  3. I've been lusting for an Oly Studio arm chair in solf light blue leather!

  4. Leather is the perfect accent to any room. I love this leather inspiration. xx. McKenna Lou

  5. I like leather on certain frames in certain rooms. Library or a dark family room, yes. I hate cheap leather and this is one area that I dont' think you can skimp on the cheaper stuff..it shows! Some things yes, leather no.
    Onto the show..I like Anne, she must be on a happy pill. Tommy did appear super grumpy..agreed. Jodie Foster...ugh what was that? Everyones scratching their heads today. I was mixed on the fashion..more disappointed than anything, Lisa L. Alyssa M. Jennifer L. Marion C......to name a few. Hope they do better at the Oscars!

  6. I love good leather- We have it in our family room and it is so comfortable and easy. I missed the awards last night but hope to see bits and pieces of it this week- xo Diana

  7. Hi Jen, yes, you are doing the same thing...I have just done...leather sofa consideration... with kids around, it is a great solution to mess. Look at my living room/ family room evolution...my last post is the sofa I picked. The soft high end leather feels like butter, not kidding! Will add real fur pillows and putting it together with two large Scottish chairs in leather! Seriously, it looks stunning. Agree with Tina from Enchanted home, it must be a top quallity leather....Our family room will have also velvet chairs and pillows and some fur...so it will warm up the leather, yet it really doesnt look cold in the first place...and now I am at a point that I say "no fabric ...yes leather" and it used to be just like you...the other way round. It is really nice to mix with fabric on other sofa or chairs...so I would not be affraid that you need to mix it up....it has great dimension to it...anyways....now to Globes...Anne Hathaway ..did not hear her speak but love her complete look.

    hugs and cant wait to see your choices on sofa!!

    1. Ooh I need to check it out! Leather and Scottish chairs!

  8. Leather is not for a place where one may need to take a nap, super snuggle, or be hungover. My first furniture purchase as an adult was a small black leather couch that reminded me of a 1950's doctor's office and I love it. Then, when it became a place to snuggle - no good at all. While it served as casual seating, it was just fine.
    My darling husband dvred the Golden Globes, unprompted by me, so I can watch them Wed. night when I am off :-)


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