Another Obsessive Bedding Post

Ok, so no sooner did I hit publish on my bed pillow post from yesterday, when I came across another possible contender for my bedding situation.  It's never ending y'all.  It was this post over on House of Turquoise where guest blogger Amanda from Dixie Delights was showing some very impressive before and after pics of her home (seriously you must check it out) that I stopped on this image of her barstools.

So pretty right! The fabric is Chatelet Breeze and I'm in love with the background color.  I would bathe my whole room in that color if I could. Walls, floor, ceiling, windows ... everything.



= my idea of heaven 

While the price is great on the fabric, the minimum order is 25 yards, which I definitely don't need right now.  It may be worth it later on down the road.  Sooo the search continues.  I'm loving my all white bed at the moment.  Judging by the crickets yesterday, no one loves the basement pillows? It's ok, they look better in real life and they are only temporary until I can afford 25 yards of Chatelet Breeze or 5 yards of something real fancy.  

See the rest of Dixie Delight's guest post at House of Turquoise HERE (It's fabulous y'all!) 

Bedding Situation Update

Quick post today because I have a million things to do, which includes picking my wallet up from the framer because apparently one of the customers found it in the parking lot.  Nicely done me.

So I found a temporary solution to my bedding situation that involves some really pretty antique pillows I had sitting in the basement (yeah for free stuff!).  It makes me much happier although it's way far off from my usual color palette (hence their place in the basement).

The configuration looks less odd in person.  I purchased a new white coverlet and super soft white cotton duvet cover.  The giant pillow has an antique pillowcase given to me by The Suze for Christmas many moons ago. It was in Edward's room for awhile, but looks much better in our room with the tall canopy and ceilings.  It would be awesome to get another one (ahem).  Eventually I want to add a bolster pillow and replace the lamps with sconces as well as add some pretty wall art or chinoiserie.

Close-up of the found basement pillow:

Edward likes it.  He's taken to closing his eyes whenever I point the camera at him.

A little better.

Anyway, just wanted to give y'all an update.  It may not stay like this if I find something I love better, but having a white bed makes me soo happy.  

Eventually I will get around to finishing Edward's bathroom, but the weather forecast suggests I will be outside playing with Edward most of this week.  I'm not about to take this bizarre but welcome warm winter weather* for granted.  Also, playing with Edward is way more fun.

* I know, I know awesome alliteration, what?

P.S. What did y'all think of The Bachelor last night? I wasn't surprised Nikki went home.  I called him picking Courtney from the beginning because of her model-ness and his dude-ness.  I find Ben to be devoid of any emotion.  I was surprised when Kacie came back.  I have no idea why I was surprised, since it happens like that every year.  I can't wait for the Women Tell All next week!

It's Monday

I just want to look at some pretties, crawl back in bed with my munchkin and a snack and wait for The Bachelor.

Ten pretties for you and me.

Alease Fisher - Town & Country via Mark D. Sikes

Carolyne Roehm via Cote de Texas

Michael Smith via The Adventures of a Tartanscot

Nanette Brown - House Beautiful via Mark D. Sikes

Peter Dunham via Habitually Chic

via Habitually Chic

Jan Showers via Made By Girl

via Pinterest

Private Lives

Private Lives

Have a Lovely Weekend!

Liz Williams via TG Interiors

I would love this velvet tufted chaise for our bedroom.  I could be so dramatic about things if I had this couch.  While I briefly abandoned my search for the perfect pillow shams I'm back on the hunt because our bedroom is sort of starting to depress me.  So hopefully this weekend I'll have some more ideas about what I want.  I also hope to finish painting Edward's bathroom.  I have to get the pictures up on the wall and the monogrammed towels in before I can show you photos, but I think it will be really cute.  That's all for now! Have a lovely weekend y'all!

Lulu's Listing: A Girl Can Dream ...

Morning y'all! My sissy sent me this new listing with the subject "A Girl Can Dream ..." and oh my gosh was she right.  This is the closest thing to my dream home yet.  In fact, this was the house my childhood friend grew up in, although it looked very different (but still gorgeous).  I loved this house even then and I often think if I ever build my own house it would be inspired by this home.  It was originally designed by the famous Dallas architect Hal Thompson and has since been restored by Wilson Fuqua and Cathy Kincaid.  When I see those names attached to a Dallas home, I know it's going to be good.  And, y'all, it's gooooood.  Oh Lawd, is it good!

Did y'all recognize some of the rooms?  You can view the listing HERE.

P.S. I found a color for Edward's bathroom and it's coming together very nicely.  I can't wait to show you the finished product!

Decisions ... decisions

House Beautiful

Before I bother you with more requests for advice, I wanted to share with you this gorgeous wall color I found whilst searching for colors for Edward's bathroom (we'll get there in a moment).  It's called Marylin's Dress by Benjamin Moore and I love it with the cream and lilac accents.  The overall prettiness of this room makes me infinitely happy.  

As happy as Oscar the Grouch makes Edward. 

Soo Happy!

So anyway, now that I have you in a happy place, I'm going to annoy you once again.  I ended up taking all of the pillow sham fabrics back to Calico Corners and walking out with nothing because I couldn't make up my mind about what I wanted.  I decided to take a time-out from my search and move on to another project, which is Edward's bathroom.  

I bought this adorable shower curtain (Edward loves ducks and I love the scalloped border along the bottom).  

The eyes in the ducks are a dark teal color so I thought it'd be fun to go bold and paint the walls to match the eyes so I also picked up a sample pot of paint and got to work.  

Well, it's super dark and I hate it now after 10 hours.  It's just a tiny potty and tub area with a window and while dark sometimes works in small spaces, this one doesn't.  So now I'm off to try one or two more colors (that dark is going to be a Courtney from The Bachelor to cover up if you know what I mean) and if they don't work I'm just going to use some of our leftover Linen White and call it a success.  If y'all have any paint recs I'd love to hear them.  I'm usually incredibly decisive about what I like so all of this going back and forth is really stressing me out.  Oy Vey!

P.S.  Did anyone else cry when Kacie B. was in the limo? I did. I just wanted to give her the biggest hug! I've totally been there.  My sister-in-law saw her out in Nashville and talked to her for a bit and said she seemed fine and I don't need to be sad.  If you don't know what I'm talking about consider yourself highly evolved.  

P.P.S.  Crate and Barrel is going to take the coffee maker back.  The Cuisinart customer service told me that exotic coffee and Starbucks coffee beans clog it up, even though I used it once. I was using coffee from Hawaii.  I guess that's exotic? Whatevs.  

Pretty Chintzy Inspiration

Morning y'all! First, thank you so much for all of your thoughtful comments on Friday's post re: my bedroom pillow situation.  Just to remind you, I was trying to choose between these two fabrics:

Millais (left) or Charlotte Moss (right) 

I still love them both, but I'm leaning toward the Charlotte Moss on the right for a couple of reasons.  First and most importantly, when I see it as I'm walking into my room I feel a rush of happy endorphins. Perhaps, it is the 80s Ralph Lauren vibe (I know exactly which fabric y'all are talking about - my best friend had it and maybe I was a little envious?).  I don't mind 80s to be honest.  It was a really great time in my life in which I was surrounded by chintzy florals thanks to The Suze.  Also, the Millaise matches a little too well, which makes me uncomfortable.  I need a pop of something to break up the monotony of the room.  I'll let y'all know what I decide and show you pictures, but again thanks so much for your feedback!

Now for some pretty chintzy inspiration that is moving me into an obsessive floral moment.

Isaac Mizrahi for S. Harris

Southern Accents Riverhills Show House 2009

Southern Accents Riverhills Show House 2009


Red Online

via Nib's Blog



Diana Vreeland's Bedroom

Albert Hadley in House Beautiful via Cococozy


And, of course, I can't do a post on chintz without including a room from The Prince of Chintz.

Mario Buatta

I'm going to turn into crazy flower lady if I'm not careful.  

Finally, I have something really important to talk to you about.  Come close.  Ok y'all, this is serious, I need your advice.  My coffee maker broke again.  I KNOW RIGHT????????  I'm trying to remain calm, but I want to punch someone. Who do I punch? Just kidding. not really. So I received my replacement coffee maker, used it once and the grinder got clogged again.  I cleaned it out but the coffee is weaker and I am super P.O.'d.  I don't want another replacement one.  I got it at Crate and Barrel.  I just want to take it back and have them deal with it.  The other option is to get the replacement coffee maker and take the new one back and pretend I never used it.  But I feel bad lying.  Sorta.  I did just buy it like two months ago.  What should I do? (and if you tell me to give up coffee, I will personally rip your head off and verbally assault you a la Courtney the mental giant/model from The Bachelor). 

Have a lovely day!