Tuesday Pretties


Morning y'all! These images make me feel very happy and inspired.  Jewel-toned velvet and gold, floor to ceiling pattern, a gorgeous marble bathroom that still feels warm, my NY dream home, a perfect bedroom, and the grandest burl wood piano. All make my heart go pitter-patter. 

So yesterday, I was at Barnes & Noble attempting to get a few last minute gifts when Edward discovered some toys that he desperately wanted.  Naturally, he screamed at the top of his lungs the loudest ear-piercing scream I've ever heard.  I'm pretty sure the entire store turned around in fear that I was kidnapping him.  It was one of those awesome mom moments where you are equal-parts mortified and helpless because you know that this kid has nothing better to do than to get you to buy him a toy.  So I dropped everything and walked out of the store, but this time, instead of being furious and annoyed, I held him tight and gave him lots of kisses.  Because everything has changed.


  1. Gorgeous images..especially loving the limestone townhouse and serene bedroom...ahhh! Feel more relaxed just looking at that wondeful bed...makes me want to jump in and take a snooze and my day hasn't even really begun yet! Enjoy yours!

  2. Yes, everything has changed. Thanks for the gorgey pics, as always! I'd take that bed and bath in a sec!

  3. The mirror in the first image is gorgeous, and I love the bed. You are right; everything has changed for us as parents and sentient beings. Now let us hope something changes.

  4. How nice it would have been to cuddle and read in those beautiful beds with my kiddos all day. I pray that I don't let public meltdowns and such up set me as much as they did before Friday....

  5. From the outside to the inside ,it looks so Victorian. I particularly would like to jump into that very inviting four poster bed. The open floor plan in the living and piano room is very engaging. I so envy the entire look of the house, because it's very lovely . Thank you for sharing.


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