Today is not Friday

David Easton via The Foo Dog

I'm so sorry to have to break that news to you.  I've been operating under the assumption that it is Friday since about 6 am this morning (thank you Edward).  I literally have half of my weekend links post finished (it's so good, too).  Now that reality has set in, I would like to crawl back in bed - that bed above to be precise.  It's like a cloud.  It reminds a lot me of The Suze's bed, which is so comfy it's nearly impossible to climb out from under the covers.  It's like a white fluffy marshmallow cloud of whipped cream. 

In other random prettiness, how lovely is this little girl's room from At Home Arkansas?

Pink and Green Happiness. 


  1. That little girl sucks.

    Not really, it's just that I, too, am struggling with the reality of Thursday and I'm kind of pissed that anyone younger than me gets a room like that. And also that my Starbucks was lukewarm this morning.

  2. I love the pink and green!

    Also, that bed...OMG! I must have it one day, you will have to help me acquire the necessary pillows and bedding to make it mine...whipped cream marshmallow dreams.

  3. Oh- How sweet. It reminds me of the Lily Pulitzer colors of the 60's. So pretty- xo Diana

  4. All so pretty but that first room makes my heart race, favorite colors and feeling for a master bedroom! Stunning!!
    Funny I was saying earlier it feels like Friday to me too:)

  5. Mint green and hot pink where two of my childhood favs. Some gals have all the luck!

  6. That pink and green wallpaper - divine! Who makes it I wonder? Thanks!

  7. I believe it is Thibaut, but I need to double check.


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