Merry Christmas Y'all!

To make up for my lack of weekend links, I thought I'd share some pics I snapped of The Suze's house all decked out for Christmas. Of course, I took these fabulous magazine quality photos with my trusty iPhone. It's amazing I even got a picture with all the craziness running around me. We have a full house (3 large dogs, 5-8 grown up kids depending on who brings a friend home, 2 grandparents, and a toddler probably trying to climb a pear tree). I love when our house is busy with friends and family. That's how life was growing up here. Lots of people in an out, and I still find it very comforting. Anyway, enjoy your holiday y'all! I'll probably be back after Christmas when things have settled down. Love to you all this holiday season!!


  1. I love all your pictures....especially the last one- xo Diana

  2. Her house looks beautiful and the last picture is priceless!!!

  3. What a great time for y'all!! Do you think she would notice if you brought an empty suitcase and then left with it full of "extra" decorating items?


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