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Morning y'all! I was going to show you some images of some holiday homes from the holiday issue of Kansas City Spaces, but my scanner is not cooperating.  However, I did discover that our local magazine revamped their web site and you can now browse images by room.  So I spent most of the morning doing this very thing and I saved some of my favorites for you. 

All photos via SpacesKC.com 

First, this bedroom.  That rug and panel are gorgeous and I love a good portrait.  I just really love a room that looks like it's been collected over time.  Nothing about this room came from a catalog.

I mean, this kitchen is gorgeous.  Really, really gorgeous.  Like it might be one of my top favorite kitchens of all time.  

Just a simple, white bathroom, but I love the detail at the bottom of the vanity next to the marble floor.  It's just enough to keep the space from looking too sterile.  It all just feels very clean.

I can only take turquoise in small doses (I know it's weird because I'm obsessed with blue), but this bedroom does it well.  A little bit Albert Hadley inspired.  

Love this dining room. 

 And this little kitchenette area.

Totally inspired by this desk/library situation. 

The thing I love about a local shelter magazine is that you find homes that aren't necessarily on trend.  Usually they are the result of real families collecting things that are important to them over the years.  Kansas City has so many different styles of homes and so many creative people living in them.  The longer I live here the more I appreciate the people here.  It's a really cool town y'all!  I definitely see more variation in this magazine than I do in any other because it's more focused on the region than a specific style.  I'm also a total creepster and am constantly trying to see inside people's homes at night when all of the lights are on.  I mean, I stop short of getting out of my car, but if I'm driving by your house and your front door is open, I'm craning my neck to see inside.  I love to see how people live, especially my neighbors.  If you want to see more, check out spaceskc.com

Ok y'all, does your city have a shelter mag? What's it called?  I need to expand my peeping.


  1. KC does indeed have some gorgeous homes.

    A small city with pretty homes is Springfield, MO. I have always thought I would like to live there. I did for awhile as a child. Springfield is where we "school shopped" every Fall. It really made a great early impression on me.

    There are lovely older homes in St Louis. The area I love best is Chesterfield/Town and Country. Older but not antique homes like there are farther into the city, but gorgeous just the same.

    One of our regional shelter magazines is At Home St Louis. I copied a Christmas mantel from the latest issue and posted the results at my blog. Lots of inspiration in At Home St Louis.

    1. Thanks Pat! I have friends that are from Springfield and everybody who lives there loves it. I'm going to check out those magazines!

  2. Such a beautiful home and I'd agree that kitchen is gorgeous! Beautiful bedroom and such pretty rugs!

  3. Love love love the kitchen. Also love the last pic that is a study, I think.

  4. I love the kitchen and bathroom so much! I can just tell that all of the homes smell good, like fresh baked cookies and grapefruit infused oil. KC is a cool town, I love homes and furniture with history, they tell their own stories. The image of you peeping from your car is priceless, perhaps, someone will buy you some binoculars for Xmas!

  5. Just found your beautiful blog. I am really going to enjoy reading this one-wow wow wow

  6. Wow what a beautiful home...Love everthing about it!

  7. whew. that dining room is serious inspiration. gorge! i just randomly received the latest issue on my doorstep...hoping someone secretly subscribed me :) ox


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