Have a Super Fantastic Weekend!

{my new Juliska Country Estate platter from The Suze}

{such a happy little snow scene, right?}

Morning y'all! Ok, call me crazy, but I started another blog.  I know, right?  It's a family blog for all of the family and friends we have across the country.  It's also for me because I have pictures scattered across three different photo web sites and this is actually a much more efficient way for me to keep all of the stories and memories in one place - important things like baby giggles and meeting the Cat in the Hat.

You see, every day I take a cute picture and/or video of Edward, and yes, it's overkill, but I feel the need to text said picture to various text groups in my phone.  Kip's family, then my family, then my friends, then Kip's extended family, etc.  I end up telling the same story four or five times a day.  Why not just send it to one big text group, you ask?  Because some people (The Suze) don't always pay attention to who's attached to the text, and reply to all something random like, "Hey, will somebody bring me a sandwich?" (that happened)  I'm not even kidding, one time she included the Dean of my sister's school on a text play-by-play of Edward getting his haircut with pictures. 

So I created This Family Robertson to keep a record of our family.  It won't affect this blog at all.  I won't even be updating it every day.  It's definitely more personal and I debated about keeping it private, but I feel like that would make it harder on some of the family members who barely know how to get on the internets, so I'm keeping it open to the world for now.  If you love Edward or care about things we think are fun, but no one else will, you can check it out, but most of y'all will probably find it pretty boring.  Ok, just wanted to let you know in the most long-winded explanation possible! Ha!

Enjoy the rest of these linkies with some holiday drinkies:

The Suze just sent us this Juliska Country Estate platter for Christmas and I absolutely love it!

Dubstep Christmas Lights - Yes. This is awesome.

GIFT GUIDE #1: stuff toddlers like 

GIFT GUIDE #2: Gifts that give back

These beauty picks make me want to go out and buy all new make-up

Just a nice little tartan roundup for ya

GIFT GUIDE #3:  What people really need

This dancing dog is just so silly

Christmas in Newport is real fancy and I love it

All about white beds - my obsession

Definitely going to have to try this birthday cake popcorn

This DIY is making me want to spray paint something red

Note: this is my 3rd link to something tartan-related.  I have a problem.

weird that there was no Missouri Tigers included 

A big congratulations to my friends (in my head) Kate & Wills on their baby news!!!
I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about this

I am so excited for Les Miserables
I literally cry every time I see the trailer.  
It is the most beautiful soundtrack every written in my opinion.


  1. I want to see Les Miserables too. I'll cry, I have cried at Phantom of the Opera.LOL It's nice you started a blog for all your family to follow.I love your little snow scene plate. xo,Susie

  2. Imma need that platter. True story: when I was in college, I bought out the local Hallmark's supply of this truly fabulous red Christmas toile wrapping paper they sold that is almost IDENTICAL to that platter. I have since run out of said paper and am not sure I will ever recover emotionally.

    Also, ugly tears for every Les Miz commercial. I am spending this Christmas with my in-laws (woot) who are not what you would call "musical theatre movie" people. I am plotting a way to sneak out of the house to go see it by myself.

  3. Oh P.S. Field trip to Newport!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Smart move! Love having two blogs because I can totally do everything and anything I want to on each when I see fit! It's great! I just had to learn to not feel the need to update both so regularly! I think you will love having this new site! Best of luck! Have a wonderful weekend!


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