Have a Lovely Weekend!

Michelle Nussbaumer
I need that folding screen for my bedroom.  I have a long wall that needs some layer action to cozy it up.  That's my New Year's resolution, get more stuff.  Just kidding. It's actually the opposite.  I'm ready to purge this house of everything extraneous.  But that's for another post.  Did y'all have a Merry Christmas? We spent Christmas with my family in Dallas and were sick with colds and sore throats most of the holiday.  Boo! Luckily, The Suze has made a cozy home that begs people to just lie around on the couch all day.  So we indulged in some laziness by the fire for a couple of days.

We did have a chance to visit the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science.  It was pretty awesome.  I definitely want to go back! Even more fun, my brother set up a "date" for Edward, and I finally got to meet my Instagram friend Bianca and her adorable daughter Lou (and the rest of her awesome family)! Bianca owns Little Bean in Dallas, which has tons of fun toys and clothes and unique kids' stuff.  If you live in Dallas, you should go just on the off chance you get to meet her superfantastic baby Lou.  You can also check out their stuff online here and the store's blog here.  Anyway, we've been mutually admiring each other's kids on Instagram for a long time, but had never actually met, so it was definitely time and soo much fun! I could probably go on and on about it, but I don't want to be weird. 

We have a full house again with my whole family at my house this weekend.  I'll try to be back to more regular posting next week.  Have a lovely weekend and enjoy some of these links! 

I pinned this house twice in 24-hours 
and will probably pin it again before tomorrow 
Fricken Awesome Graduation Prank

My blue and white Christmas present to The Suze
because I knew she would see mine and want them :)

If you live in Boston, check out this New Blue and White exhibit at the MFA

Pretty turquoise rooms from Pulliam Morris Interiors

The last thing you'll need to read about New Year's Resolutions

ReadingProof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife
Very fascinating!

Kip gave me this for Christmas and I'm so excited to try some recipes!

I love spray foundation - I just bought this Airflash from Christian Dior and I think I like it.
If it doesn't last at least 3 months, I probably won't buy it again though 'cause it's 'spensive 

Finally, every time I see that Jennifer Aniston has jetted off to Cabo
I'm like, hey I want to go, too! I would stay here.


  1. It's just nice to have the time and to feel like looking at my favorite blogs again! I know what you mean about being sick…it has not been fun! So looking forward to purging my house as well and getting back to normal! Whatever that is! Glad you got to meet your instagram friend! How fun is that?! Take Care!

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