Christmas Decorations in the Christmas House

Morning y'all! I finally had a moment to snap some pics of some of my Christmas decorations - a rare moment where I had both a clean house and a sleeping toddler.  That. Never. Happens.  Since this is the first year in our new house, I decided to focus on the basics.  I'm ashamed to admit that I could easily spend $10,000 on Christmas decorations.  I mean, it's not normal.  So anyway, it's not anything amazing or professional, but I think we have ourselves a good starting point for Christmases to come.

First up, a little vignette in the kitchen.

I love my Hadley plate.  I really want to get the Santa's Cookie's plate.  The rest is just some stray items I had here and there.  

The table decor is left over from Thanksgiving, but I put out some trays to put Christmas cards.  Christmas cards are one of my favorite things ever.  The one you see on top is Edward's future wife, Greta. 

The hearth room mantel.

We didn't have any mantels to decorate in the old house (#firstworldproblems) so I wasn't sure how I was going to do that, but I have to say the mantels are my favorite part.  The picture above the fireplace is a poster-size blow-up of a picture my dad took when they went to France.  I think it's so sweet.  How stylish are the little French kids in their red coats?

Now for my Dr. Seuss Christmas tree in the kitchen.  

It's not literally Dr. Seuss themed, but it looks like it belongs in Whoville.  Kip wanted one tree with colored lights because he loved them as a kid.  I decided to use all white ornaments and fun ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

Yes, I made that bow.  I literally googled Christmas tree bow-topper.  It was easy. 

This manger scene is kind of sad.  I need to zhush it up a bit, but it's blue and white so I thought you'd like it.  I tried some grass around it and it just made a huge mess. 

I framed our first Christmas card with Edward.  I didn't love last year's card so I just took one of the pictures from it and put it in a tiny frame.  

This tree is in horrible shape.  It's fake and we probably won't use it next year, but I did what I could with it.  I totally stole the burlap accents idea from Amanda at Dixie Delights.  

I love the mantel in this room.

Obviously, because there's lots of blue and white.  The votive candles and reindeer are from Target and the gold pine cone things are from Hobby Lobby.  The big blue and white ginger jars are from Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda.  They are my favorite thing in my house! 

 This is in our fairly empty living room that we hope to turn into a library.

That black and white picture is from my wedding.  My very silly best friend, Marissa, and her family love to pull the photographer aside at the end of the night and take ridiculous pictures.  They are pretty much my favorite people in the world.

Hey Santa guarding the stairs.

Our first real tree.  Not as high maintenance as I was led to believe.  Filled with all of our special ornaments, including many from my childhood. 

And that's all folks!

P.S. I'm not totally sure I've fixed the computer issues I had yesterday, but I'm pretty sure I can get by.  #bloggernerdproblems 


  1. Your house looks gorgeous! I think I'm going to steal the burlap idea. We have a wreath that desperately needs some zhushing (John doesn't believe that's a word), so I think some burlap ribbon is in it's future. I LOVE the mantel, it looks great. And I'm terrified of 6 foot Nick!

  2. Very exciting to be celebrating your first Christmas in your new home! Everything looks beautiful! What is the gorgeous paint color in the room to the left of the main staircase?

  3. Very pretty. Such a great Christmas house.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  4. I love that wallpaper!! xx. McKenna Lou

  5. Love your kitchen decor, and such an adorable Santa ;)
    Everything is so festive!

  6. Such a wonderful feel with your decorations! Thanks for sharing them, Jennifer! A first Christmas in a new home is definitely worth remembering!

  7. Love the fireplace. Jon also has fond memories of trees with colorful Christmas lights and insists that we get those when we have a real tree!

  8. Jennifer, your house looks fantastic! I'm crazy for all of your blue and white! Thanks so much for the mention : )

  9. Hi Jennifer, TPP sent me :). Beautiful home.

  10. I LOVE that you have the Estrada/Spannus pic in a silver frame! :-)

  11. I don't know how I missed this post....BUT, do you have THREE (3) trees??????? OMG! 3!!!!!!!!!! Goodness. I am super impressed.


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