Morning Y'all!

IIIITT'SS CHRIIIIIIISSTMAAAAAAS!!! (you know, in Oprah's voice)

Y'all, I'm so excited.  I love Christmas.  It's the most wonderful time of the year.

I can feel myself getting annoying about Christmas all ready.  I'm going to try to temper it when I write, but just know, in my head it's all candy canes and sugar plums (what are sugar plums).  My goal from here on out is to do something fun and Christmas-y everyday with Edward.  I want to take advantage of every moment I have with him, while he believes in magic, even though he doesn't totally get it yet.  Today, I'll be gathering some Christmas stuff and decking the halls.  I'll try and share bits here and there with y'all.

I'm finding the process of decorating our new home for Christmas a tad overwhelming.  It's a different, more formal space than our previous house.  It's also bigger.  I want to do it justice without breaking the bank.  (Kip and I are in constant negotiation about how many a twinkle lights a tree needs)

I'm inspired by the lights in my hometown:

(images courtesy of my little sissy Laura) 

How cute are my sisters y'all? 

Elizabeth & Laura (a.k.a. Wizzie & Lulu)

Kip knows that this is what I'm thinking when it comes to our house and it scares him.  So I'm going to have to compromise, but seriously, aren't the lights heavenly?

Ok, I'll leave you with this:

Trying to take our Christmas picture this weekend - not easy with a two-year-old

More holiday inspiration to come this week!

Have a lovely cyber-monday y'all!


  1. First of all, your Christmas pictures are hilarious! I was laughing as I looked through them. At least Kip cooperated. However, he needs to budge on the lights, because those pictures are beautiful!
    I just asked my mom what sugar plums are over the weekend. Other than the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker, I have no idea.

  2. haha! christmas card pictures are always a riot! More is always more...that's my motto and it think it holds true for lights :-)

  3. The Christmas pictures were perfect!! Wouldn't it be fun to do just the "out takes"?

  4. OMG! This post....OMG!

    Thoughts from me: Edward needs to model, Wizzie is so skinny and beautiful, I miss Lulubug and want her body for 1 day just to know what it feels like, you look gorgeous, and Kip looks so handsome. Perfect American family you = check, doggie = check, gorgeous classically dressed baby toddler boy = check.

    Thoughts from my mom: Jennifer is the best writer, Edward is so pretty he could be a girl, he is so gorgeous, like a doll he is. Jennifer looks wonderful, Kip is handsome, she liked the photo in the middle of the collage the best, but they are all so cute followed by her menacing hyper laugh.....she is obsessed with Belclaire House.....

    You know I love me my Xmas, too.

  5. Those pictures are soooo great!! How do you choose between just one?? Love the twinling lights in town that captures the seasons magic beautifully! That little Edward is too cute.

  6. the picture on the bottom right is perfect!! love this!! miss you sister!!

  7. LOVE THAT OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so much love for that outfit.

    Go crazy with lights girl!!!!!


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