More Lonny Loves

I thought I'd share a few more images that inspired me from the November issue of Lonny.  It's hard to beat The Fabulous Mr. Sikes, as I now call him, but I did find a few other bits of prettiness to motivate me.

First up, this chintzy twin canopy bed bed action from Sister Parish's private summer house in Maine.

Pretty Pretty. 

In more twin bed action.

Totally different than the chintzy goodness in the first image, but I loved the rich, velvet upholstered headboards against the white walls and white beds.  I also loved the whimsy of the fake fireplace.  It adds a little bit of warmth and shelf space to the room without adding a large piece of furniture.  I will be pinning this to the Edward's Big Boy Room board whenever I get around to starting one.  Also, love the elephant pillows. 

And then there was this fabulous Indian-themed dinner setting from Cathy Kincaid for an Irving & Fine dream room at the Downtown Nieman's in Dallas.

Cathy Kincaid is so amazingly creative and elegant.  I always love to see her work and how she incorporates blue and white. I just love this. 

I also loved this peek at Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic's apartment

It's that little pink plate that gets me.  I love it.  Looking forward to her new book.  She always has great images on her blog. 

Finally, this candle from The Laundress needs to live in my home and all my friend's homes.

Such a perfect gift for the holidays.  I developed a strange candle allergy after I had Edward.  My face starts to turn red and itch if a candle is lit within a 5-mile radius of me.  It's so random and makes holiday shopping very tricky.  My forehead is itching just thinking about it. 

P.S. My grandmother used to tell The Suze and I that all of your candles should look like they've been used at least once.  Meaning, you should immediately light a candle for a few minutes when you put it out.  She felt it looked trashy otherwise.  Kind of extreme, but that was just her thing. 

Ok y'all, enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. So much goodness! Love the quote about needlepoint. And I'm obsessed with seeing more of Heather Clawson's apartment! SO SO SO chic. And I totes agree with your grandmother. When I see candles with unlit wicks, I'm like "Then why did you buy it in the first place??!?!"

  2. Jennifer I love these images and would be thrilled to have those white Pagodas! An older friend of mine always said that candles should be lit for a few minutes (tapers)so that they did not look as if they were just for show!

    Giveaway from Scalamandre

  3. The French blue neoclassical chair is stunning! Hugs z

  4. I hope I can find Heather Clawson's that image.

    I've also been wanting to tell you that I prepared your chicken soup recipe, it is our new favorite. I didn't use the slow cooker, just stove top, but Mr. B. said the recipe was a keeper and it only got better as leftovers. Thanks!
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  5. Beautiful images! I have to visit Lonny, they always seem to feature such beautiful rooms. But have to say I might have a hard time sleeping with the deer and his eyes staring at me....would kind of freak me out. Being a candleaholic, I am always delighted to hear about a new candle that I don't yet know about....have a great afternoon!


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